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  1. Betting Baseball - Tricks of the Trade

    Betting Baseball - Tricks of the Trade
    Every season it’s the same, there is always a surprise and this year is no exception. The Dodgers are bad, surprising, the Braves are good, even more surprising, the Yankees, fantastic and it’s no surprise. The Red Sox are on their heels and again, not much of a surprise.
    How to Bet On Sports – Betting MLB Series Price Odds
    The Washington Nationals have struggled out of the gate and this is a big surprise. There are a few up and coming teams ...
  2. Sports Handicappers Expecting a Windfall - Thanks to SCOTUS

    The US Supreme Court has struck down The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) and this is the best news in a long time for many people including the states that want in right away as well as offshore bookmakers and professional handicappers.

    The overall landscape of sports gambling has now changed. Handicappers no longer need to fly to Vegas or make the weekend trips from LA or any of the surrounding areas. Nevada has had a chokehold on the industry ...
  3. Why Have More than One Sportsbook?

    To be a successful gambler you must be winning between 52-55 percent of the time just to beat the juice. That’s a big number to simply break even! So many sports gamblers are losing out by not taking what they do more seriously. Sure gambling on sports is a hobby and people do it to make the game have an edge, a little more excitement. That’s all great but who wants to throw money away? Nobody wants to throw money away but people do every single day with uninformed ...
  4. Run for the Roses at Americas Bookie

    The 2018 Kentucky Derby is almost here.

    That’s Justify, landed the No. 7 post position on Tuesday.

    Justify was made the early 3-1 favorite for the Derby, with Europe-based Mendelssohn the 5-1 second choice in a full field of 20 horses.

    Get your bets in on the big race at Americas Bookie !

  5. Betting Hockey - Strategy’s that Work

    NHL fans couldn’t ask for anything better than what they are getting in this year’s playoffs. The competition is fierce and the games are tight. There have been a few surprises along the way so far and the San Jose Sharks are one of them. Things get real interesting for this team as they move on to round 2 and take on the Las Vegas golden Knights.

    Three Good Ways to Buy Bitcoins at an Online Sportsbook

    The Knights are a phenomenon and ...
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