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  1. Betting the NFL Preseason at Online Sportsbooks

    The start of another season of football betting on NFL games is right around the corner. If you are looking to get an early jump on things, the league’s four-week preseason schedule gets underway this week starting with a full slate of Week 1 games this Thursday night.

    It is tough to know what to expect from exhibition games that do not count in the standings, but that does not mean you cannot find some solid value in the betting lines if you


  3. Breaking the Bookie – How sharp Players Do it

    Betting football should be a moneymaker this year. Are you tired of beating your head against the wall every single season and walking away on the losing end? Stop the madness. There are tricks to this trade and every football better out there needs to know them.

    Betting on football is a $50 billion industry in the US. Gamblers spend a boat load of money. How much
  4. Sonny Goldman Group - Free Pick -July 30th

    MLB HOUSTON -110

    Currently on a 24-16 MLB run since 06/17/18.


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  5. Betting College Football – A Few Simple Reminders

    The 2018/2019 NCAA College Football season is right on top of us. At less that a month out, you should be figuring out what you want to do about a great sportsbook. Choose wisely because college football betting is your bread and butter for the entire year.

    Set A College Football Budget; you must have one or you are dead from the beginning. You must also be faithful to your budget. Do not go over it and set the budget according to how much you want
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