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    For sports fans, basketball is probably far and away the most exciting sport to bet on, both the NBA and the NCAA have their lure. Some are partial to the NBA, some like betting college. A lot of this can be attributed to what part of the country one grew up in or where they went to college. Fans in Idaho have the Boise State Broncos, fans in Utah have the Utes, while still others in Charlotte, have the Panthers. It really is about background and living experience and often, where one grew up.

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    In many circles sports gambling is frowned upon or thought of as something that should be done in private. Letís take a look at Pate Rose. Gambling is the sole reason that the all-time hits leader in the history of the MLB; is not in the baseball Hall of Fame. Does this make gambling a bad thing? Of course not. Pete Rose has had to live and die with his decisions. Pete knew, that as a player, and manager, that gambling was against the rules of baseball. Gambling did not bring Mr. Rose down. Pete Rose brought himself down.

    Gambling on sports is like any other hobby. Who doesnít have a hobby, an outlet? Everyone needs something to do besides working all the time. People like to relax, kick back a little and have a little fun. The ways in which people choose to spend their spare time greatly differs. Some choose golf, fishing, collecting sports memorabilia and countless other ways in which to take a breather.

    Often people are criticized for spending money on sports gambling. Any hobby cost money on some level, whether itís $200 on a round of golf twice a week or firing up the hot rod for the drag races every Saturday and Sunday. What about fishing? Fishing cost money! It can cost a lot of money. Some will spend upwards of $1,000 on rods and reels. Then, consider how often they may go on outings. Gas cost money, bait; what about a boat? A shiny, well equipped Bass boat will set you back to the tune of around $25,000 and upÖ

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    The point is; hobbies cost money. It matters not what your hobby of choice may be; you have one and thatís what matters to you. As with anything, if you know your limits and your capabilities and stay within those boundaries, you will not lose focus of whatís important to you.

    Sports gamblers enjoy the rush, the last second shot or the pass in the end zone with time expired. Thatís what this is all about. If the gambler can afford to play what he has bet; then why not? Live a little have some fun. Gambling should be fun. This is your hobby, donít let anyone take away your joy. You walk in your shoes, let those who have walked in those shoes; judge you.

    Have fun this year. Itís going to be better than ever before. With March Madness on top of us, there has never been a better time than now to relax, kick back and get your groove on. When choosing a sportsbook this year, check out Americas Bookie. Itís an honest sportsbook that will pay you when you win, work with you for easy deposits, and always, treat you with respect. Good luck and enjoy the adventure.

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