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  • Betting Baseball - Tricks of the Trade

    Betting Baseball - Tricks of the Trade
    Every season it’s the same, there is always a surprise and this year is no exception. The Dodgers are bad, surprising, the Braves are good, even more surprising, the Yankees, fantastic and it’s no surprise. The Red Sox are on their heels and again, not much of a surprise.
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    The Washington Nationals have struggled out of the gate and this is a big surprise. There are a few up and coming teams that shouldn't be much of a surprise to anyone and that would be the Colorado Rockies and the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Diamondback started the season very nicely and have since trailed off, will they fall off the map? It’s unlikely, this team has a load of talent and as long as they can stay reasonably healthy, the will be contending in the NL West. The New York Mets; who knows! They seem to have turned a bit of a corner after looking terrible. They started the year out on a tear but bottomed out. Harvey is gone and that’s a good thing. Can they stay consistent? They must or the season will be difficult.
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    Most weekend gamblers think that baseball is difficult; the wise guys think baseball is the only sport to bet on and they are partially right. Handicapping is a big deal with baseball. The sport itself is so up and down that it can be most difficult to predict, especially when guessing! Never guess never simply bet on pitchers and never bet on big numbers simply because they are big numbers.
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    Remember this… The oddsmakers in the big fancy sportsbooks set lines and odds largely based on public perception. What do the fans want? Whatever it is they want, the bookies usually follow. Vegas want you to follow the crowd. If you are an avid sports gambler then you know that the house wins a lot. They do not always win but they win because of the juice, not because they are better than you at picking sports results. Sure they are good and games often come down to outguessing the oddsmakers, however, outguessing bookies only lasts for so long and then reality hits you square in the jaw!
    An option to soften the blow:
    Knowing who to bet every single day takes a lot of handicapping. The vast majority of fans and even handicappers, simply do not have the kind of time that it takes to learn and know every trend in baseball. For this reason, folks choose a great handicapping website, a game advising site. This is a helpful tool that any gambler must have.
    The Grand Salami—
    This is a fun bet and a much easier bet to handicap than many others. It’s very simple, before the start of the first game you can bet the total runs scored on all of that day's games combined. If you like it under the total, you play the under if you like it over the posted total, then you play the over. The safest way to play the Grand Salami is to play it by ERA. Do the math and look at the starting pitchers. Do some quick handicapping by finding out what each pitcher did in the previous game. Betting the Grand Salami can be a money maker and a fun way to bet because you have action in every game without playing one game.
    There are other great ways of betting baseball without laying big juice. Be sure to check with your favorite online bookmaking service for more details in the “how to bet “section.

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