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  • A couple very easy deposit methods

    #1 - Go to Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, etc and buy a VISA gift card. They come in various amounts, $50, $100, $200, $500, etc. Then you simply email Will at and tell him you have a VISA gift card and want to make a deposit with it. He'll have you up and running within minutes. Simple as that. Or use the live chat at

    #2 - Go to a Money Gram kiosk. All Walmarts have a MG outlet. Tell the clerk that you want to pay a bill using fast pay. All you need is a merchant and receiver code and they will hook you right up within a minute or two. How do you get a merchant and receiver code? Go to and use their live chat feature and tell the rep you want to make a MG deposit, please give me a merchant and receiver code. They will give that to you, take it to Walmart and you're set. Or, you can email Will at and he will take care of you. The limit for these transactions is $200 minimum and $2500 max.

    Betagame has 50% free play for deposits up to $500 and 100% free play for deposits of $500 or more. Use their live chat at or send an email to for fast and easy service.

    Betagame, the best customer service since Scotty at betjamaica

    They pay fast too. Don't believe me, ask around.
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