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Why Have More than One Sportsbook?

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To be a successful gambler you must be winning between 52-55 percent of the time just to beat the juice. That’s a big number to simply break even! So many sports gamblers are losing out by not taking what they do more seriously. Sure gambling on sports is a hobby and people do it to make the game have an edge, a little more excitement. That’s all great but who wants to throw money away? Nobody wants to throw money away but people do every single day with uninformed bets. They are not bad beats, they are uninformed bets. The kind of time and research that should have gone into the decision making process before placing the bet, was not utilized.

The difference between a bad beat and a bad bet…

A bad beat is when the bettor gets unlucky for whatever reason. It’s a poker term but fits with sports betting very nicely because bad beats happen all of the time. If you are a gambler and have gambled at any length on sports then you have seen a bad beat a time or two and maybe much more often than you had hoped. A great example of a bad beat would be the game on Tuesday, May 1st between the Cavaliers and Raptors. This game was action packed and a great one to watch, it had all the elements that an NBA fan could hope for. It was high-scoring, fast paced, big thundering dunks and a few big block, steals and fast break points. It was a highly entertaining game but what if like most of the country, you believed that the Raptors would take game 1?

The Difference Between Above Average and Below Average Sportsbooks
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The Cav’s were coming off of a 7 game, first round series against Indiana in which by all rights, they should have lost. LeBron looked tired, acted tired and even said he was tired after that series. Toronto on the other hand was fairly fresh after beating the Wizards and doing what they were supposed to do. The betting county, believed that Toronto had the edge in this game and most believed that it could even be a blowout.

Now just imagine that you bet like so many other folks in this game. You took the Raptors to cover or money line. The Cavs played their butts off and were still losing going into the fourth quarter, things were not going their way and it was not meant to be; wrong! It was not meant to be for the Raptors and the entire tenor of the game changed on a dime. Not only did the Cav’s come storming back, they tied the game and sent it to overtime on a three time failed, winning bucket attempt by the Raptors. In other words; the Raptors sent it to overtime! The end of regulation was a mess for the Raptors and they went on to lose in overtime 113 to 112. If you had bet Toronto, that’s a bad beat! Toronto was winning the entire game, and they should have won. The Toronto bettor had this one in the bag and it was stolen in the last seconds.

You Love to Gamble – Why not Become a Bookie?

There are many great reason to have more than one sportsbook but the above example is the best possible scenario for live betting and hedging. Play against yourself if need be but at all cost find a way to save your money. Having multiple bookies opens live options when things are not going your way and it allows you to find the best lines and odds.
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