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Long, boring and awful offseason is over and now is the time to make some serious money betting on college football. No matter who you like or what conference you love to bet on, you can be assured of one thing; great competition. Betting on football is a lot of fun when you are making money, but it is a bummer to say the least when you are losing. In order to break even on football, you must be winning 54% of the time! Not 50% but 54%! You must factor in the juice that each sportsbook charges you. You are not only playing for your team to cover, but you are betting against the juice.

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The juice, or (vig) is how sportsbooks make their commission. What you must do a bettor is to not only win 54% of the time but you want to win around 60% of the time so that all your hard work handicapping football is not in vain. Who wants to spend hours upon hours handicapping football only to end up not winning at least 60% of the time? You are in this to make a profit, so make the most of every moment.

How Reliable are Online Sportsbook Reviews?

Do not sell yourself short this year. The bookies know what they are doing, and they plan on beating you. Turn it around this year. Come loaded with information and you will make a handsome profit, do nothing and you will once again have a losing season of football and you will be so angry by the time the season end, that you will resort to playing the NBA! Really, seriously, come loaded with information or you are dead in the water.

How do you come loaded with information without spending untold, countless hours every week handicapping? There is a very simple solution to this very real problem and it’s called “Sports Forums”. Know them, learn about them, get familiar with them and use them. These forums can and will save you a ton of time and they will help you win a whole lot of money betting college football this season.

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On sports forums, you will find a host of useful betting information that you can use to acquire a leg up over the online bookmakers. You will find team information, player information, information about the defense, the offense, the special teams, what teams play well on the road or bad on the road, what teams cover the spread, what teams play well in bad weather and so on and so forth. There is not a better place than sports forums to learn everything you need to know about betting college football.

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If you want to be a winner this year and betting college football is your passion, then you must find a great sports forum. There are more than a few great ones so take advantage of the football- handicappers-knowledge and start winning. Make this season the best season that you have ever had betting on college football and break the bookies. There are no more excuses, no more reason to cry in January and no more bitter ends to what could have been. Don’t delay, find the perfect sports forum and enter a new world of information and wealth at your fingertips.
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