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    Music City, Tennessee, baby! In between Rocky Top and Memphrica....

    Gay Public High School to Open Doors This Fall....

    Gay Public High School to Open Doors This Fall

    (New York-WABC, July 28, 2003) — Beginning this September, New York City will have the nation's first public high school for gay and lesbian students.

    They are putting the finishing touches on the facility that will house the new Harvey Milk High School.

    William Salzman, Principal: "We're a fully-accredited academic high school, in the city of New York. And we're very proud to be opening our doors to the students on September 8."

    There will be 100 students when the school opens its doors in the East Village, following what was once only a smaller program for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered students.

    The program that preceeded the formal high school was located in the same building on Astor Place, but the facilities for the high school are new. And school authorities tell us there will be no difference between the programs here and those at any other high school.

    Michael Bloomberg, Mayor: "Everybody feels that it is a good idea because some of the kids who are gays and lesbians have been constantly harrassed and beaten in other schools."

    According to the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, a survey of anti-gay high school incidents shows:

    80 percent hear verbal harassment frequently

    41 percent are physically harassed, often with a weapon

    1 out of 3 skipped school for at least one day, fearing for their safety

    But the school exclusively for gay and lesbian students faces strong opposition from some groups.

    Michael Long, Conservative Party Chmn.: "The world is not an all-gay place. We are not preparing these kids to deal with society as a whole."

    The Harvey Milk school plans to expand with each school year.

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    This is a public high school?? That means New Yorker's tax dollars are going toward it?? CROCK! Poor babies, people make fun of them on a daily basis. Wah, wah, wah. Maybe if they didn't walk around like fairies people wouldn't be so mean. Boo f'in Hoo. Is this a project of Hillary's?

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    The world is at it's end.
    We sailed from the port of indecision,
    Young and wild with, oh, so much to learn, And days turn into years,
    As we try to fool our fears,
    But, to the port of indecision I return.

    Jimmy Buffett

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    I can't believe that. How the hell did these people get something like that passed? They want all the rights that everyone else has, able to get married and all that sh*t, now they want their own schools too. They want to be equal but separate, how can that be????

    I want to make it clear, I am not a homophobic. I just don't like when people try to get special treatment, FOR ANY REASON!!!! .
    A good friend will always bail you out of jail; But a true friend will be sitting next to you saying, "Damn, that was fun!"

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    ad interim... TORONTO-VIGILANTE's Avatar
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    "...Quo fas et gloria ducunt..."
    re: article


    i wonder if the teachers at the school have to be gay / lesbian / or transgendered......????
    "I've dumbed down for my audience and doubled my dollars, then they criticize me for it yet they all yell holler."

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    i also think this is not a good idea. nyc is not helping these kids by sheltering them from the outside world. how are they going to be sheltered when they graduate from school ?

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    A terrible idea I think. I dunno who thinks up this stuff or how they get it passed.
    They should force the teachers to confront the bullies who are not only attacking gays but all the kids who are "different." The fat kid gets harrassed, the kid with glasses, the funny looking kid. That is why we have these Columbine incidents. But I dont think that this new school will help anything.
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    Total waste of tax payer dollars. Make it a private school if you want a "Gay High" but I can't believe this is happening.

    If they field a sports team, what will be the mascot?

    "The Butt Darts"
    "The Pillow Biters"

    Will they play for "the Ole Brown Eye"?

    I'm going to try and start "Hetero High". Think I'll get anywhere....

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    poker brat
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    Fort Worth, TX
    Good for them...

    I can't wait to see the lawsuits and fines start rolling in because they fail to interview a minority for the principal's job.
    21 March 2008 - I cried a little tear of happiness today while punching my K-bar through a basketball.

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    You know for some reason I dont give a chit. Whats the point anyway. There excuses are same they had for years.

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    this is what wrong with the u.s.a. school can barelly stay open but, we can aford a gay school. cutting out football or music or basketballs is ok. what a joke

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    Chi-TownHustler fatdaddycool's Avatar
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    They want to be equal but separate, how can that be???? ironic that a woman should post this statement.
    Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.

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    BIG12 KING dr. freeze's Avatar
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    The gay agenda isn't, will never be, and never has been about equal rights....they already had that...its like me creating a whole political/social/whatever group like gamblers rights and asking for special priviledges and exceptions so that i can gamble and will not be discriminated against because i like to gamble...then when i get fired i can cry discrimination or anything else that happens to me i can say i was wronged unfairly and remove all personal responsibility to my "alternative lifestyle"

    No the gay people are about promoting an agenda and basing their entire lives about how they act in the bedroom

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    Northridge, CA, USA
    I am grossed out thinking about what the boys' bathroom is going to smell like after the first week of classes.
    Guilty as charged, but I'm still right.

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    Under .500 yyz's Avatar
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    Originally posted by timbo
    I am grossed out thinking about what the boys' bathroom is going to smell like after the first week of classes.

    "If I was overpaid in the 2004 Hilton contest, and they asked for their money back, I would have given the money back."

    ----Any Honest Man

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    It does not surprise me any more than wanting to give illegal immigrants drivers licenses, advocating gay marriages, repairation ect.

    Welcome to the liberal side of politics.

    As beantown says: when the last straight-tax paying-family oriented- person leaves---please turn out the light.

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    It's just so much BS. Lets see what else can we do. Ok I got it. Blacks,Whites,Browns all must have there own schools. That's not good enough. Whites must break there schools down to the 6 majior nationalites that formed this country. Blacks down to the three majior tripes. All Browns can hang out at same place. Now we need a few schools for the Asia influx. So we need Korean, Chines forsure. All Arab will need a school to. And then along comes those CS, PL, gays they can have one to. So not bad at all just need 14 schools. Hel run-em around the clock. Each group gets 4 hours same bulding. We will run them on Sat and Sun to. Why leave such nice bldgings emty over the weekend.
    And dont for get we need those private religious schools to. But hey they can take care of there own problems.

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    can't isolate from the rest of the world forever, like myself, I believe most of the world does not care about sexual preference!

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    Memphrica, Tennessee
    Originally posted by dr. freeze

    No the gay people are about promoting an agenda and basing their entire lives about how they act in the bedroom
    I think that is the most accurate statement in this entire thread. Who you choose to have sex is not worthy of getting your own exclusive school. This is just another example of a double standard that would never fly the other way around.


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    Brown vs. Board of Education, applies to race, but could equally apply to sexual orientation.

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    it will be the only High School requiring all majorettes to sanitize their batons before each use. The overages on pilfered drumsticks, batons, batteries and lost soap will keep the school in the red for years, lol!!Shop classs photo will be all dikes and Homo Ec, will be the pickle smokers, LOL!! I'd like to open a school right next door for, 'The gifted but violently prone" and call it "Lumpy Rutherford High"

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    imagine the fierce competition for the role of "Dorothy" in the school rendition of "The Wizard of Oz", talent show would be howl as well, LOL!! Will be the only school w/voluntary cavity searches recieving extra credits.

    What about "Dom Deluise High" for those who are alittle overweight and feel just as persecuted....

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