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    Final Official Standings

    $5000 cash bonus winner*freddiefavorite*

    $2000 cash bonus 2nd *StevieD*

    $1000 free play bonus 3rd sixfive*

    $500 free play bonus getreal*

    $300 free play bonus zig*

    email me your betagame account # and real name to claim your prize.

    put "Hilton contest" in the subject line please.

    freddiefavorite* 53
    StevieD* 51
    sixfive* 50
    getreal* 49
    zig* 47
    Trucker Gambler* 45
    patlives* 45
    kbhirsch* 45
    JimmytheWeasel/Jim* 45
    fozzy* 45
    crazyivan24* 43
    Phenom* 42
    trytrytry* 42
    pug* 40
    wiskers* 39
    Deucer* 38
    tigerfan* 37
    smurphy* 37
    Ludzboys* 34
    TommyTickets* 30
    jerbeek* 29
    BobbyBlueChip* 10
    vinnie* 5
    MonsterNco* 5
    Mr. Rodgers* 2

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    Money is all ready in account!

    Thanks Jack , IE and Betagame for running some great contest!
    This bars full of sad sacks dogs on the loose. Beer guts and bad backs from years of abuse.
    Kenny White

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    bonswa SixFive's Avatar
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    BG, KY, USA
    Thanks for the great contest! My free play was credited immediately. Top notch book!

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