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    Is it possible the patriots don't win the AFC?

    I say nope! Will be trying to tie this into as many plays as I can.. Any reason to think otherwise? Wonder what the odds will be

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    Quote Originally Posted by whodey View Post
    Is it possible the patriots don't win the AFC?

    Next Question!

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    Try my best to keep a record of plays!

    NBA as of 2/7/17: 84-57

    MLB 2017: 151-140 -6.61
    (Always listed pitchers)

    CFL 2017: 1-2 -2.40

    NHL as of 2/9/17: 67-60 +8.45
    (2X OILERS -135 series over Sharks WINNER!)

    WNBA 2017: 9-7 +4.00

    NCAAB as of 2/7/17: 139-124

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