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    Question for IE or anyone else

    It appears that America's Bookie and Betagame are the same guys.
    Also now BetAnySports and Chinese Bookie appear to be the same guys. Both with ties to 5 Dimes???

    Is there a reason or point to the duplicity?

    Are there any other books out there that are sisters?

    Thanks in advance

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    americasbookie and betagame are NOT the same...fully different owners...Will at betagame just uses similar wagering software, different lines in cases...betagame deals under a players terms a 5Cent line.

    betanysports and vietbet are part of the 5dimes group.

    1vice and americasbookie are sisters.

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    Thanks IE

    When I signed up at America's Bookies they gave me the same user ID as I have at Betagame.
    Beta xxxx. Same password worked also. Did not check all the lines but just seemed like they were the same.

    Was looking for another out for upcoming football season. Thanks for the info on 5 Dimes. I use BetAnySports now with Bookmaker. Maybe will add a third.


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