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    Rick Pitino fired from Louisville amid NCAA scandal

    According to numerous sports outlets, Louisville's head coach was let go Wednesday following NCAA's basketball investigation, which found coaches from top programs soliciting and accepting cash bribes.

    Athletic director Tom Jurich also.

    Louisville wasn’t named explicitly or charged in the FBI’s sweeping investigation on wide-spread corruption within college basketball, but it’s easy to identify the Cardinals as “University-6” in the indictment from the Department of Justice. The program allegedly worked with Adidas to send $100,000 to an unnamed recruit for his commitment to the program. That recruit appears to be McDonald’s All-American shooting guard Brian Bowen.

    The report also details Louisville was working on securing a payment for a future recruit. An unnamed Louisville coach is recorded saying “we gotta be very low key” while noting the program was already in trouble with the NCAA.

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    So glad he's gone along with Jurich. That's what happens when the rich get richer and crave more power and think they are above reproach!

    Ricky will land on his feet with an Analyst or broadcasting gig with one of the networks to cover one of their packages you have to buy on ESPN or NBA Network!

    He reminds me of an old pimp sorry to say. Jurich did well in getting money for new facility upgrades and I'm sure his hands were not clean either.

    They hired Petrino and the U of L also has been getting big time props for their college baseball program. I'm sure there is more going on than just the basketball program getting caught in a scandal/corruption.

    It went on at Miami and has gone on for ages at many high profile programs. The FBI is just wanting to get a big pat on the back for bigger and better things and the NCAA couldn't find a nut if they were a squirrel alone in the forest!

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