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    Señor Capper's College Hoops Season

    Last season I tinkered on Facebook and Twitter to see how I would do at March Madness.

    Round 1, I went 10-0-0 ...

    Round 2.... I fell flat on my face.

    Closed out a respectable 33-22-0 ATS and 6-1 ATS in the Final series.*

    That's by doing it solely on my own.

    This year, I've been asked by quite of few of you (current members) to open a Service Forum here, at MJs.

    Like Bases, I have a guy that's going to assist me.*

    College Hoops is his specialty..... that is all he does.

    So this year I'm going to open up a College Basketball Service Forum, for them, and everyone else that is interested.

    Pre Season Tourney starts up Nov 11 and service will continue to the Championship Game in April

    5 months of Hoops

    Very excited for our 1st full season.

    Come join our great group of members

    Signups are at

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