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Thread: Dubai 163 Jimbo

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    Dubai 163 Jimbo

    $4196 for a buck or $6 boxed what a way to start the day....

    134 boxed today. Usually not many runners at Aqueduct but today is different so I'll try $30 here before scratch's
    is what it is

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    Bad Vibe

    4 is scratched in 8th and don't want my only casher to be a refund.... Try another day
    is what it is

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    I didn't forget yah, Skod. I did check to see how you made out.

    We feel pretty good when we get on a bit of a streak, but this sport is really good at laying down some HUGE speed bumps in the road ahead too often. I played the BIG A for quite a few years and that track was the place to play if you could identify a winning FAVORITE. You bet with $10s and $20s and even an occasional $50 at Aqueduct on SPOT win (few) picks on only a few races per day. Before I left for sunny FLA, I decided I'd give two shots at $100 to win on a horse that I REALLY liked cause I was in good streak at that time. Horse had to be in a sprint races only. Did it twice and BOTH times the "bastige" was OUTA the Moola.

    Things may have changed there cause that was LONG time ago. Currently on a losing streak, but I can identify at least 2 of the years I played Philly, only - I won back all that I lost at the Big A. Think I've been playing Philly exclusively for the last 7 or so years.

    G.L. Skoda
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