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    Thoughts on the total ? I am more of an under player and 93 + 85 is 178 this game will need to get close to 90"s to get that which is tough but I feel like this could get way up there based on first half & Buffalo keep coming. any thoughts ? Thx

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    Truckin'...didn't touch the total, but I have some total plays tonight...they're up in the thread.

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    Florida up 33-32 at halftime, but I don't like the way the Gators are playing defense. Too many easy drives to the bucket for Texas Tech. Florida also threw up some wild shots that happen to fall early in the game.
    Loyola fans in the building don't care who wins....they are just giddy to be in the Sweet 16 and most are out partying. Most Tennessee fans have already left the building and are drinking away their sorrows.
    It's become a virtual home game for Texas Tech, even though Lubbock isn't really close to Dallas.

    I already have Florida for 5 units at +138.
    I'm buying back 4 units on Texas Tech 2H at -120
    4 units
    Texas Tech -120.

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    6-5 (includes 1 unit future loss on Florida to win NCAA Tournament)
    +3,73 units
    Thank you to Houston coach Kelvin Sampson for not electing to guard the Michigan inbounds pass with less than 4 seconds left. So glad Indiana fired him. Do these coaches not understand time and score? Finally, it works in my favor, as I had Michigan to win the game and still have Michigan alive to win the NCAA Tournament.

    Year to Date
    +246.13 units (season high-water mark)


    1 unit
    Butler +170
    Syracuse-Michigan State UNDER 130 (-115)
    Nevada +9 (-105)
    Clemson +120
    Marshall +13 (-110)
    Florida State +6 (-105)
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    First parlay of the year

    I'm not a big teaser or parlay guy, but I don't like the fact that Florida State's leading scorer (T. Mann) is confirmed out today. I already have FSU +6 for one unit.

    Money line parlay, risking 1 unit to win 1.21 units
    Kansas State
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    Also, another 1 unit parlay risking 1 unit to win 2.53 units
    Texas A&M +7
    West Virginia moneyline
    Purdue moneyline (Haas might play?!)

    Enjoy the games!

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    Glad to see your like Aggies to keep it close.
    Good luck today.

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    lowell, yup, that team has so much talent. Just so inconsistent. Can't go larger than 1 unit, because I think UNC might win it all again this year.

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    1 unit
    2H Syracuse-Sparty OVER 67 (-105)

    I think that bizarre 3-pointer for MSU to end the half might be the momentum changer. Izzo says he's going to push the pace in he 2H.
    I have Syracuse +10 for a unit for the game, and I could hedge out of this now. But, I'm not going to. I also have the under 130 for the game, so I have a nice chance for a middle with the total.

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