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    NCAA Tournament Tuesday-Sunday; along with NIT, CBI, and CIT through Friday


    +0.98 units

    +233.74 units (season high-water mark)

    In this thread, I will be posting all game plays in the four postseason tournaments through Sunday night.
    This thread will also include my "future" wagers.

    So far I have made two future wagers, last week:

    1 unit
    -Florida to win NCAA Tournament at +6500
    -Michigan to win NCAA Tournament at +2800.

    Eagerly waiting for lines and new futures to post....
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    Okay, many of these lines are TIGHT, so not many first-round plays for me.

    1st round NCAA Tournament games:

    5 units
    South Dakota State +8.5 (-110)

    4 units
    Providence +4 (-110)

    3 units
    Murray State +10.5 (-105)
    Charleston +11 (-115)

    2 units
    NC State +3.5 (-105)
    Loyola-Chi +2.5 (-108)
    Davidson +6 (-104)
    New Mexico State +5.5 (-110)

    1 unit
    South Dakota State +345
    Providence +155
    Murray State +500
    Charleston +485
    NC State +155
    Loyola-Chi +130
    Davidson +235
    New Mexico State +195

    Good luck to all this week.
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    Thanks Good Luck

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    Futures (to win NCAA Championship)

    1 unit
    Florida +6500....played this last week
    Michigan +2800....played this last week
    North Carolina +1500...just added this after bracket reveal

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    Quote Originally Posted by 203Hoosier View Post
    Futures (to win NCAA Championship)

    1 unit
    Florida +6500....played this last week
    Michigan +2800....played this last week
    North Carolina +1500...just added this after bracket reveal
    Michigan was playing real well at the end of the year, who knows.
    "You are the world and the world is you"

    J. Krishnamurti

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    #cruncher....yup, and I jumped on Michigan too late. They were +4000 before the Big Ten Tournament.

    My Florida pick? Gators might not even beat the Bonnies/UCLA winner!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 203Hoosier View Post
    #cruncher....yup, and I jumped on Michigan too late. They were +4000 before the Big Ten Tournament.

    My Florida pick? Gators might not even beat the Bonnies/UCLA winner!

    I'll be pulling for you Hoosier!
    "You are the world and the world is you"

    J. Krishnamurti

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    One final "future" play:

    2 units
    Team matchups- Who Has More Wins in Tourney? Purdue +125 over Cincinnati

    That's it. Not playing any "to win X region." I'm not seeing good values. Some long shots look interesting, but I don't want to throw cash down the toilet. (I've already done that with Florida, I think. )

    Let's get this thing started! I'm like a kid in a candy store!!

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    2 units
    Rider +11.5 (-102)
    Asheville +18 (-101)

    1 unit
    Northern Kentucky +260
    BC +5 (-105)
    Rider +600
    Asheville +2290
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    GL but I think BC put all their focus on the conference tourney think they don't recover for this one just my thought,GL on plays.

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    eeeerock- you're probably right about BC. Not a huge play for me..just 1 unit, and getting 5...not touching BC on the moneyline.

    Wednesday plays

    2 units
    Harvard +12 (-105)

    1 unit
    Temple +10 (-110)
    Harvard +800
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    5 units
    EWU-Utah Valley OVER 78 (-110)

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    these coaches who choose to not foul when up three with under 10 seconds left deserve what they get! Allow the opponent to make a 3-pointer and win it in overtime.
    Stupid Asheville coach cost me a huge +2290 underdog moneyline payout when he elected to not foul near the end of the first OT vs. USC. What happens? 3-ball is good, and USC wins it in 2OT.
    Not only does it piss me off, but I feel bad for those Asheville kids who flew across the country to LA LA-land and had USC BEAT.
    I won a unit on the game with the pointspread, but what a win that would have been outright for a unit. I have NO SYMPATHY for a coach who loses after he refuses to foul up three.
    Forget the gambling aspect, it's just common sense. Been saying it since the advent of the 3-point line when I was a kid. Yet, it happens in gyms across the the country- big and small- night after night- from peanut leagues to the pros. 90% of these guys will never get it. How people mess up simple time and score situations in football and basketball is mind-boggling, Other countries foul up 3. Here? Only a few coaches have the smarts.
    As I said, the idiots deserve the fate they get.

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    +0.91 units

    +234.65 units (season high-water mark)

    Add for Wednesday:
    1 unit
    Syracuse +117

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    GL, I hope Syracuse blows them out.

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    +1.07 units

    +235.72 units (season high-water mark)

    Thursday ADD:

    1 unit
    St. Bonaventure +6 (even)...already have 1 unit future play on Florida to win the NCAA Tournament. Bonnies' stud guards Mobley and Adams were horrendous vs. UCLA (Adams was far worse) and they still managed to beat the Bruins on Tuesday. Courtney Stockard, who is listed as a forward- but I think he plays more like a guard- poured in 26 against UCLA, after sitting out with an injury vs. Davidson in last weekend's A-10 tourney.

    Just like the Bonnies, Florida's strength is also its guard play (Jalen Hudson was playing extremely well before his clunker vs. Arkansas in the SEC quarters. And Chris Chiozza, the Gators' hero last March vs. Wisconsin at MSG, hasn't been shooting very well, but has been distributing the ball exceptionally well as of late)
    Florida forward Stone was the one bright spot in the loss to the Hogs. That was a rarity, and its going to take that sort of effort from a frontcourt Gator like him to be able to beat the Bonnies. Luckily, for Florida, St. Bonaventure's weakness is its interior play, also.
    Basically, this is going to be a guard-heavy game. I think it's going to come down to whichever team can get anything out of its frontcourt players.
    Two long layoffs is a row for Florida, while the Bonnies will be playing for the third time in six days. In tournament play, I like the team with momentum.
    Not biting on the moneyline, but I will take the Bonnies +5.5. I think St. Bonaventure actually has the better guards, even though Florida has a little more depth and consistency.
    I think we're going to see a ton of 3-pointers attempted by both teams. Should be a fun game matching two under-the-radar (but flawed) teams; capable of making a run in this tournament. I expect a close game here.
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    You playing anymore tomorrow Hoosier?

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    Johnny, all my plays for Friday are near the top of this thread. I played them as soon as they came out on Sunday night, and they are combined with Thursday's plays.
    I might add something on Syracuse on Friday, but I'm not sure yet. If I add anything, I'll post it here. Looking at Texas tomorrow, too.
    Also looking at Florida State and Butler.

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    Thanks Hoosier I’m on all of the above already. GL

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    I didn't think the guards of St. Bonaventure could play much worse (despite the win) than the UCLA game, but they were so much worse against Florida. Gators defense deserves a lot of credit- they were so active.
    Oh well, lost a unit on the Bonnies, but at least my Florida +6500 to win it all is still alive.

    +4.2 units

    +239.92 units (season high-water mark)

    plays already posted near the top of this thread
    Here are my ADDS for Friday:

    Butler -125
    Texas pick -103
    Syracuse +5 (-101)
    Florida State -113

    6 units
    1H Sparty -471
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    Lines for Saturday are starting to pop up.
    Here's what I'm playing right now:

    2 units
    Rhode Blue +10 (-107)

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    Saturday ADDS:

    3 units
    Michigan -150

    2 units
    Alabama +11 (-105)

    1 unit
    Houston-Michigan UNDER 134 (-105)
    Florida-Texas Tech UNDER 134 (-103)
    Kansas -200
    Seton Hall-Kansas OVER 153 (-115)

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    With Isaac Haas out of the tournament now for Purdue, it looks I can kiss my "Purdue tourney wins over Cincy tourney wins" 1 unit prop play goodbye.
    Oh, well. I've been getting very lucky betting into the opening lines of this tourney thus far. It seems like every late basket is going my way. No doubt, it has to turn on me soon.

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    added above....Sparty 1H ML -471 for 6 units
    Bucknell is decent, but this is not Middle Tennessee State a la 2016.

    That was close, but I'll take it. Now I'll root for an upset, just for fun.
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    1 unit
    2H Virginia -11.5 (-105)
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    Don't like the way Syracuse ended that half, so I'll try for a middle in the 2H.
    1 unit
    TCU -2.5 (-109)

    (Already have 1 unit on Syracuse +5 (-101) for the game.

    ADD 2H
    3 units
    Mizzou ML -210
    Think the Tigers get back into this game.
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    Friday's results
    +2.48 units

    +242.4 units (season high-water mark)

    My goal each season is to win 250 units, and I am right on the cusp of doing that.
    Damn, shouldn't have reversed my Syracuse play at the half. Oh well.

    From my experience, if there are a lot of first-round upsets, than the 2nd round chalk dominates. And vice-versa...damn look at Villanova today. That Saturday "stand-alone time slot" is usually a blowout. But I took Alabama. I'm also on URI, but don't feel great about it now.

    Saturday's plays are already posted above.

    Here is one Saturday ADD:

    5 units
    Florida opened as a pick, but the money has been pouring in on Texas Tech. Even more reason to like the Gators. I think the wrong team is favored. Florida's NCAA experience over TT could be the difference.
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    i hear you. I never do will with noon games, need to stop playing them.

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    Johnny, me too. It's unbelievable.
    These two "stand-alone" Saturday games are never close. And I fell for it, again, when I saw the high point-spreads. Shame on me.
    Now, let's hope for some excitement from the other six games today. Got these two clunkers out of the way.
    The Sunday "stand-alone games"...while relatively new, seem much more intriguing/entertaining. Purdue-Butler should be fun, and Syracuse can throw a scare into anybody in March, no matter mediocre they appear.

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    Continuing with the "chalk" theme for the 2nd round today...
    6 units
    Kentucky +9 (-650)'s the same as UK to win the game, -650. 'Cats playin' angry and like the bracket is now wide-open for them...which it is.

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