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    Hudson Valley area.....NY

    Dancing on a Friday Day 2...

    in a rush...
    Creighton -1 over KSU
    Foster time...

    Texas AM -2.5 over Prov ****
    Although slowed down by suspensions,injuries,etc..this team has talent..Gilder,Davis,Hoggs and Williams...if they can put this all together and not look back...they might go far...

    Arkansas +1.5 over Butler **

    Texas pk over Nevada ** this line has changed 5 times since I arrived in Vegas on wed...Texas so inconsistent. Bamba is back but sometimes he slows the offense.. Martin brothers are sensational but if Oset get his freak'in hair doo together and the gds hit a few from the the outside think Longhorns could win this...Texas is paying Shaka 15 million a year and has 2 losing season in the B-12 and has had back to back lottery picks..c'mon,coach your ass off today..

    Marshall +12 over Wichita ***
    Its a running Herd and they just keep trampling all over you...they can score,Elmore and co..but Shockers are experienced and have been dancing with this crew the past few years at this dance..think Elmore can keep this close..and Penava isn't to bad inside the paint..

    TCU -4 over Cuse *****
    Frogs can score...and play some defense...they have the mini-aircraft carrier in 7'0 Vlad who goes out to hit the 3..Bane is a pure shooter.. Robinson is tough but Williams inside is even tougher..and the biggest factor of this game is Dixon coached against the Cuse 2-3 for years when he was at Pitt...

    Buckne;ll _'+14 over Mich t **
    Bucks has all seniors..experienced...slow down the spartans..
    Ark +1.5 over butler **
    AUburn -8.5 over Charles **

    yest 7-3 +6*'s
    1 push on an over-under

    TCU top play
    You can say something to popes, kings and presidents, but you can't talk to officials. In the next war they ought to give everyone a whistle.

    "There are only two plays,Romeo and Juliet and take it to the basket"
    Abe Lemons 1977

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    19,051 tcu and txam as well..bol2us!!
    The juice only matters IF you lose!!!!!!!

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    Good luck today, Box!
    Will also be trying to pull the enigmatic Horns through.

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    Everybody and their brother is on Providence, I definitely will be on A&M and TCU.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dog lover View Post
    Good luck today, Box!
    Will also be trying to pull the enigmatic Horns through.

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