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Thread: BetaGame Report

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    BetaGame Report

    Just wanted to take some time to leave a report regarding BetaGame. In a previous post, I reported that I had a great experience with Will and the way he runs his book. Fellas, if youíve never tried this site, your really missing out.

    Iíve had several payouts last year I believe altleast 3 for 1k. I didnít have to wait around like all the other so called big boy books. I received my payout in a matter of no more than 30 minutes.

    These last two weeks, Iíve had success and again I asked for payouts a little smaller in size. Nonetheless, Will, as always, had it processed for me in what had to have been no more then 15 minutes.

    Will, thank you for the service you provide your players.

    Players, if you want a place thatís trustworthy, this is the spot. Hope everyone has a safe, fun, and profitable weekend.

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    good to know!!

    The juice only matters IF you lose!!!!!!!

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