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  1. Are You a Horse Racing Lover?

    Are You a Horse Racing Lover?

    In the past, many people associated horse racing with tycoons. But, the sport is now popular in many countries.

    Besides, many bookmakers offer a broad array of horse bets. Check out these six best horseracing software if you love the sport


    The software offers different handicapping tools which increase your winning chances. It uses proprietary slider technology to allow horseplayers ...
  2. Canada Sports Betting

    Single-game sports betting in Canada became legal in August 2021, as provinces now can regulate and tax wagering. Canadian lawmakers took action in June 2021 to expand sports betting in Canada, passing C-218, a bill amending the nation’s criminal code to allow for single-game wagers. Provinces will be able to regulate sports betting much in the same way as U.S. states do — individually. The law became effective Aug. 27, at which point many provincial lotteries began to launch single-event CA sports ...
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