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  1. Football Betting -- Be Ready to Pounce on an 'Over-Reaction'

    Football Betting -- Be Ready to Pounce on an 'Over-Reaction'

    By Charles Jay

    Have you ever seen one of those situations where a team does extremely well one week, and then when the line gets posted for the next game, that team seems to be over-valued?

    Well, sometimes that is exactly the case. In fact, you see that kind of thing all the time - where the latest result impacts the next line to a considerable degree.

  2. Sports Betting 101 at America’s Bookie

    America’s Bookie has always worked hard to ‘set the standard’ among online sportsbooks catering to US players. Over the years, it has grown to become America’s most trusted sports bookie. One of the primary reasons why so many bettors take their action to America’s Bookie is this site’s ongoing commitment to making the entire online sports betting experience both safe and enjoyable.

    As a personal service to its customers, America’s Bookie offers Sports Betting 101.
  3. 2020 Horse Betting Options at Online Sportsbooks At AmericasBookie

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