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    Have you ever dreamed of starting your own online sportsbook?
    Gambling is fun, but we all know that the house always ends up winning. Why not become the
    house and start accepting bets from your friends, co-workers, family and other
    Now is the perfect time to give it a shot, as you can start your business entirely free of charge.
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    RealBookies COVID-19 PPH Promotion

    You can join RealBookies, the leading pay per head (PPH) service in the world, for free.
    Realbookies has consistently been ranked by leading sites like Scoresnadstats, OSGA and
    You’ll be able to access every feature typically included in the PPH package. You’ll be
    able to open up accounts for players that want to start betting with you and make some
    Despite major sports in America still being postponed, there are lots of sports to bet on.
    The UFC is hosting events nearly every week right now. The Premier League and numerous
    other soccer leagues have been back in action for a while as well, so there’s plenty to bet on

    Here are the details of the RealBookies promotion:

    ● Free: You won’t pay anything until one of the big six sports in the US are back. Those
    sports are the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, CFB and CBB. It looks like the earliest any
    sport will resume is at the end of July (NBA), so you’ll receive several weeks of
    service completely free.
    ● What’s Included: Bookies will receive everything that’s included in the standard
    package. You’ll have access to the sportsbook, racebook and casino. You’ll be able
    to learn how everything works. The RealBookies admin panel is extremely simple to

    800 949 6285

    RealBookies Is Among the PPH Industry Leaders.

    The platform allows your players to wager on 80+ sports leagues, 70+ horse racing tracks and
    100+ casino games. Your players will even have access to the live dealer casino during the
    There is no cost for registering and for a limited time you’ll be able to become a bookie for

    First Steps After Joining RealBookies

    Here are some of the first steps you’ll need to take after registering.

    ● Set-Up Players: You can simply contact RealBookies to have them set-up a player
    account for you. The player ID will be randomly generated and then you can edit the
    log-in details.
    ● Betting Profiles: Before giving the log-in credentials to your player, there are several
    steps you need to take. You need to set-up the minimum/maximum bet amount, the
    credit limit, the maximum winnings allowed on a bet and what features the player will
    access to.

    For instance, you may not want your players access to the online casino initially. You
    can change the player access with the click of a button. The admin panel is extremely detailed.
    If you’ve ever thought about becoming a bookie, now is the best chance you’ll have.
    You can operate an online sportsbook for free until one of the big six sports are back. You can
    make money and find out whether or not this business path is a good choice for your

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