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    First of all, letís go straight to the meaning of this phrase. What is a cookie-cutter approach? Itís when everyone tries to do exactly the same thing, to put it in just a few words. Itís basically when you use the same mold for everything you do, so, yeah it might be a good thing, but thereís always room for adjustments and improvements, or else things will always be the same, in the best case scenario.

    So, how does this apply to sportsbooks and the Price per Head Business? Well, as you already know, and this works for the basics, but this doesnít mean itís good to settle for just anything, you will always find differences, benefits or advantages that make one service stand out from another, and these little things are what could make you better in different ways.

    Old school bookmaking vs new school

    This applies not only for , but for the sports betting world in general. There are rules and guidelines that everyone follows, and thatís good, it gives certain stability to the business, it gives us standards and safety. However, here at we quickly realized that those standards are there not just to be followed and obeyed, but to help you improve and evolve.

    The sportsbook industry has changed quite a bit in the past few years and even more in 2020 with the whole Covid-19 issue that has made us adapt in many different ways. If there was a cookie cutter before this, weíre pretty sure itís probably destroyed by now. Itís time to go out and re-learn from this business, from customers and their needs, from new rules and changes that have affected sports and online games, for good or bad. This is a time to re-think and come up with new strategies and tools that can help you and offer a better product to your players.

    The new reality is a big opportunity to improve

    There is a lot of room for change right now and to do it well, you need the support of a company that knows what itís doing, with many years in this industry and with the right people and tools to get you straight to the top. Here at we have everything you need to feel safe and comfortable in this new era. We have the software, the personnel, the IT solutions and the experience for you to be sure that weíll be able to help, and all for the best rates.

    Itís not time to be afraid, itís time to grow and evolve, itís time to listen to your customers and be able to fulfill their needs, because things are just different now, from what there was 6 months ago. This is a huge opportunity we have, a chance to get better, to improve our internal processes, to sharpen our product, whichever it might be.

    Contact us now and letís do this together! Weíre waiting for your call and weíll be more than happy to help!
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