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    Switching pay per head (PPH) providers or starting a sportsbook for the first time?

    Make sure you look for the available free trials, as there are a lot of them.
    Nearly every reputable PPH service has a free trial offer thatís available to new customers.

    A lot of bookies launch on a bootstrap budget, which is fine, but to make your money last longer, itís a smart idea to seek out a reputable PPH company thatíll offer you an unrestricted free trial.

    Pay Per Head Free Trial Promotion Rules

    There really arenít many rules or restrictions when it comes to claiming a PPH free trial.

    ● New Customer: If you have taken advantage of a free trial from a PPH company previously, you wonít be able to reclaim a free trial from the same company in most cases.

    Free trial offers are geared towards new customers to give them a chance to try the software.

    ● Have One Active Client: Thereís no point signing up for a PPH free trial unless you have one active player ready to start betting. To simply test out the software, access the demo.

    ● Restrictions: You want to make sure that the free trial doesnít have any restrictions in place, as some PPH services have free trials, but certain features are disabled.

    The entire point of a pay per head free trial is to try out the software, service and features.

    If youíre not allowed to access all of the features, how are you going to judge the service? Make sure you ask the PPH service whether or not there are any restrictions on the free trial offer.

    ● Promotion Length: PPH free trials vary in length, but typically are around four weeks. You will have a full four weeks to use the service before you have to start paying the weekly fee.

    PPH services charge a weekly fee per active bettor ($/head). The best services start at $10/head and have all of the features a bookie will ever need to compete with the big online sportsbooks.

    Get a Jump Start with a PPH Free Trial

    The first few weeks as a bookie are going to be slow, as youíre llearning the software and youíre also trying to grow your betting sheet. Having a few weeks to grow for free is a great deal.

    Another benefit of PPH free trials is that you get to try out the software and service. You can check out a pay per head companyís software suite using a demo, but you canít test out the service.

    During a four-week free trial, youíll have a lot of time to test out the level of service the company is going to provide. This will make your decision on whether to stay with the company much easier.

    A demo will allow you to explore the software a PPH has, but thatís about it.

    You want to find out what level of service theyíre going to provide. Will they help you through the problems that arise or are they impossible to contact?h These are important things to consider.
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