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    In the last several years, betting on sports has increased in popularity and moved into the mainstream. Since the United States Supreme Court ruled in 2018 that all states have the right to legalize sports wagering, the industry has exploded. Now more than 20 states have passed legislation allowing some form of sports betting, with more sure to follow suit.

    The proliferation of online and casino based sportsbooks has prompted sports leagues that once shunned the industry to instead embrace it. It wasn’t that long ago that they cited gambling as one of the most dangerous threats to their competitive balance.

    Those days are long gone as they now are in the process of forming relationships and partnerships with sportsbooks and other wagering organizations. The PGA Tour and NBC Sports, for instance, have a partnership with PointsBet that uses their odds for live betting on a channel streaming on Peacock during golf telecasts.

    Whether it’s the traditional Las Vegas based casinos or tribal gaming establishments, they are all jumping on board the sports betting bandwagon. Every state has different rules for setting up a sports betting business, but for the most part they allow some form of online and/or physical sportsbook to operate legally within the state.

    In many cases, the physical casinos end up partnering with online sportsbooks rather than developing their own. Entities like Caesar’s Entertainment’s William Hill, BetMGM, DraftKings and FanDuel operate on their own but also share a license with other casinos, depending on the state.

    That still leaves most of the country where there are no state approved online sportsbooks. In those markets, bettors turn to a sports betting agent to place wagers. Even in places where sports betting is legal, the local bookie still fulfills a role for a number of reasons.
    The challenge for a local sports betting agent is to provide their customers with the same kind of wagering experience they can find from online providers, whether it’s state sponsored or from an offshore operator. Technology makes it possible for bettors to view lines and odds 24/7, usurping the sports betting agent’s knowledge.

    The best way for them to satisfy their customers’ desire to use the latest and greatest technology while also utilizing it for their own benefit is to use a Pay Per Head (PPH) service. A top PPH provider gives the sports betting agent an online sportsbook that they can offer clients but also customize to look like their own offering.

    Without having to invest in software or expensive website development, a local bookie can have the same type of online presence as the major operators. The look and feel is just as impressive as anything Caesar’s Entertainment has, but the sports betting agent still gets to add their own personal service to the mix.

    It provides the sports betting agent with credibility that is difficult to gain through traditionally manual means. Phone calls, texts and personal meetings have their inherent limitations, while an online service is always available. In addition, if the sports betting agent is always busy communicating lines and taking bets, they don’t have time to analyze how they can improve their profitability.

    Using a PPH service helps free up time for the sports betting agent to review data about what their clients are betting on and how they’re making money. It lets them take more bets while managing their risk by having the information about their client’s wagering habits at their fingertips.

    It also allows their customers direct access to lines and odds on a wide variety of sports, including the NFL, NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball, soccer, college sports, golf, tennis, MMA/UFC, boxing and others. Futures, spreads, money line, over/under, parlays and proposition wagers are all available.

    The best PPH services also offer live betting as well as a mobile app for maximum options and convenience for clients. However, the sport betting agent has full control over their customers’ accounts, so they can customize the offerings for each one.

    They can limit the types of wagers that are available as well as the amount of the bets. The sports betting agent can also adjust lines and odds, depending on what the action on particular bets looks like. Maximizing revenue while managing risk, the goal of every bookie, can be easily facilitated through a PPH service.

    Not all PPH providers are created equally, so a good site to reference is for more information.
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