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Sportsbook Moneylines for NFL Games

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While betting NFL games with the use of a pointspread dominates the betting action that online sportsbooks take in on a weekly basis during the regular season, there is still a tremendous opportunity to cash a few winning NFL tickets betting on the moneyline odds that are posted for each and every game.

Some online books are better than others when it comes to promoting moneyline bets for NFL games so it does take some added time and effort on your part to find the right online betting outlet that matches up best with your betting strategy and style. You might find a book that offers lower betting odds than most when it comes to the moneylines they post for favorites.

There are also books out there that are willing to sweeten the pot a bit with a slightly higher moneyline payout on the underdogs. This is the main reason why you need to shop around for the right book to bet the games since the differences in the actual moneylines released for the games can vary quite a bit from one another.

For example, Book A has Cleveland listed as a +285 road underdog against Baltimore, which is set as a -330 favorite. Book B has set its moneyline on the Browns at +290 and its betting odds for the Ravens as favorites are set at -360. That is quite a bit of difference when it comes to the overall risk factor going with the favorite. These types of differences really come into play if you are looking to bet an underdog on the moneyline. In this situation, it all comes down to putting more money in your pocket as opposed to minimizing the risk betting on favorite.

Betting on moneylines for NFL games at any online sportsbook all comes down your confidence in picking a straight-up winner. Playing favorites carries a high level of risk in light of the “any given Sunday” factor in this league. You could probably bet on New England to win every game straight-up and end the season on a winning note, but you will pay dearly for any game it loses. Last year’s 14-2 record would have produced a positive return on investment in light of just two SU losses, but just one additional loss against a heavy underdog could have easily wiped out any potential gain.

One of the best strategies for betting NFL moneylines is playing the underdog in a tight matchup. Picking major upsets is not an easy thing to do, but taking the added return on the moneyline odds on a home underdog getting a few points could be worth the risk. Once again, it all comes down to your overall confidence level in that team’s ability to win the game SU, but that is why they call it gambling. One of the best aspects of betting underdogs on the moneyline is that it is possible to have a winning percentage of less than 50 percent and still be up in actual money won depending on the actual odds that you are betting on.

A great way to get started is to keep handicapping the games with the pointspread to come up with your top picks. If you come across a favorite or an underdog that you really like to cover, then take a second look at your online sportsbook’s moneyline betting odds for that game. If you are confident that Dallas will beat Philadelphia SU, but not cover the six-point spread, then it might be worth the risk to bet the Cowboys on the moneyline. If you leaning heavily the other way that the Eagles win this game SU, then you definitely want to go with a moneyline bet.
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