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Betting College Football – A Few Simple Reminders

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The 2018/2019 NCAA College Football season is right on top of us. At less that a month out, you should be figuring out what you want to do about a great sportsbook. Choose wisely because college football betting is your bread and butter for the entire year.

Set A College Football Budget; you must have one or you are dead from the beginning. You must also be faithful to your budget. Do not go over it and set the budget according to how much you want to spend each week.

College Football A too Early Look – Clemson Coming Strong Again

Even the seasoned gambler can use a good review of all the many ways to bet on football, the terminology and what it all means. Take this opportunity as a refresher or as a learning opportunity. For those new to the wagering game or those of you that simply want to get your feet wet and win some money this year, this is the perfect review.

Remember, winning money is the goal. Finding a great online sportsbook will help you see that goal. Look for one that has a great reputation and one that comes with great reviews for payouts, deposit options, and great bonuses and rewards, along with amazing customer service. You must start this year out on the right foot and the best way to do so; is by finding the right sportsbook.

Two different ways to bet, both college and the NFL.

Betting the point spread—

Every football game that is offered as a wager has a point spread attached to it. These types of bets involve both money and numbers.

Example: USC @ Notre Dame—

USC + 5.5 -110

Notre Dame -5.5 -110

When betting the spread, you will usually see a number attached as in the example above. You see -110. This number represents money, this number means $-110 or $-1.10. When betting the spread on football, -$1.10 is a standard, industry wide, accepted number. The number can very, and occasionally you will see variations, however, its usually close. This standard was set many years ago, by Las Vegas odds makers and has remained as a staple number, in the industry.

NCAA Football Odds – Way Too Early NCAA Championship Football Odds

Explaining -110: This number means that for every $1.10 that you bet, you win $1.00 back or, for every $110 that you bet, you win $100 back, plus your initial investment. You can bet however much you chose, within the rules and guidelines of your sportsbook. Your sportsbook may have a minimum wager amount, such as $5, they may also set a maximum amount. Usually maximum wagering amounts are set per your deposit history. If you deposit $1,000 per week, your book will probably allow you to bet as much as $1,000 per game.

What does +5.5 and -5.5 mean?

These numbers represent the actual point spread set by the odds makers or otherwise known, as line movers. If you bet Notre Dame at -5.5 this means that for you to win the bet, they must win the game by 6 points or more. If you bet USC at +5.5, this means they can lose the game by as many as 5 points, if they were to lose by 6 or more; you lose the bet.

Consistent Winning Means Having More than One Sportsbook

College football is a lot of fun top bet and there is a lot of money to be made, there is also a lot of money at stake. If you find yourself simply not having the time to handicap this sporty then you must get help. Don’t go this season alone. It’s simply not worth your gambling trouble. Most of all have fun! Study a lot, so you can win a lot.


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