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NHL - odds to win the Stanley Cup

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The NHL is a hard-hitting, in your face sport, that is awesome to bet on. If you love non-stop action and if you love a game that features it all, then you should absolutely be preparing yourself for the NHL Playoffs. The sports betting sites are gearing up for this playoff run with more than a few great offers. Search them out and find an online bookmaker that works for you, and one that comes with a proven track record for great customer service.

One of the fun things about betting the NHL is the many betting options that are available. Do yourself a favor, find those options and get the money in. If you want to end this betting season on a high note, then you can’t pass up this opportunity to make some serious cash betting the NHL.

Who has the best chance to win the Stanley Cup ?

Tampa Bay Lightning

The Lightning come in as 9/5 favorites and for good reason. They are far and away the best team in the NHL and they have been all-season. With 61 wins, this team can score, and score a lot! Look for them to get after it early and look for a possible sweep in the first round. They are this good. 9/5 is a gift. Not only is this number a gift but also the betting options that are available on the individual games. Look for live lines and a period betting. You can’t go wrong betting the Lightning.

Boston Bruins

The Bruins have surprised many folks with their stellar second half of the season play. They were not the best team all-season, but they have come on as the hottest contender down the stretch. They will be a formidable foe and will battle for the right to win the East. They are a solid bet and certainly worth a look at 10/1.

Calgary Flames

The best team in the Western Conference and it’s not that close. This team lights up the scoreboard and they have just as much of a chance to win this years Stanley Cup as any other team in the field. They are easily the best 10/1 bet. Don’t doubt this teams heart, they can play hockey, and they will.

Washington Capitals

The Cap’s are still the champions and anyone that beats them will have to earn it, they will have to snatch this away. At 10/1, get in now, these odds will change quickly.

Honorable Mention

San Jose Sharks—12/1
Toronto Maple Leafs—20/1
Pittsburgh Penguins—15/1

At the end of the day, this is NHL, smashmouth, in your face hockey at it’s best and every series is going to be tough. The betting options are endless so be prepared. The best way to prepare yourself is to find a great online sportsbook , one that offers the best customer service and one that comes with a great reputation. Start by finding an online sportsbook review site and get the money in. Make that deposit and be prepared to win a small fortune this year.

The Lightning and the Bruins are going to be tough in the Eastern Conference, but the Penguins and the Capitals always have a chance. Even the St. Louis Blues are a formidable team and present a worthy look at 15/1. Carolina, Columbus, and the New York Islanders all come in with 30/1 odds to win it all and the Islanders may have the best chance of any longshot. They have been good, and consistent all-season, they could jump up and surprise sports bettors everywhere.

No matter who you like, the key is finding the best online gambling site and funding your account. Find a sportsbook that makes your life easy and one that offers great options for withdrawing money. It’s your time to win a great desal of money. So, jump in, have fun and win a pile on the NHL.
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