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NHL Playoffs - Betting the Grand Salami

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The first round of the 2019 NHL playoff season is all but a memory and what a first round it was! It was nothing short of amazing with series’ such as the Golden knights Vs. San Jose, and Toronto Vs. Boston. These four teams went head to head, they brawled for seven games and the fans got their money’s worth. If there has ever been a season more-worthy of your betting time, than this one; we can’t think of it. The best news -- the betting options that are available to you as a bettor. There has simply never been a better time than now to be a sports gambler, and especially betting the NHL.

Hockey Betting - What is the hockey grand salami bet

So call your favorite online bookie, jump in, get a plan together and start thinking of the best ways in which to bet the second round. We know it’s going to be better than the first round, (seems impossible) but count on it, it will be. Now, we have more betting options, the field is narrowing, and we have a better idea of how some of these games will most-likely swing. One of the best, betting options is most certainly the Grand Salami. Maybe you have heard of this option or maybe you have not, that’s ok, what’s important is that you know about this great way to bet and most certainly a great way to win money.

The Grand Salami bet is a simple one, but a fun one that simply involves betting the combined total for every NHL game that will be played on any specific day.

Example: -Tuesday- (Knights Vs. Sharks, Stars Vs. Predators, Capitals Vs. Hurricanes)— With these three games, comes three game totals, could be 5.5, 6, 6.5… The total combined between the three teams is 18. If you bet the Grand Salami, you are betting on the (Over 18 or the Under 18). When betting the Grand Salami, you must place your bet before the start time of the first game, once the first game has started, the bet will no longer be available. Of course, you can still bet live lines on the games that are in action, however, you will not be able to bet the Grand Salami. So, do your handicapping the night before and be ready to come in late that night, or early before the first game starts.

Why bet the Grand Salami?

You have a better chance of winning the bet.
You do not need to handicap the games against the puck line.
You have no rooting interest, you are either rooting for the under, or the over and that’s a fun way to bet. Why sweat who is going to cover a puck line, or who may tie the game, or having to worry about losing on a last second goal?

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Do yourself a favor and handicap the totals, this is not hard. Read the stats for the two teams, find a great hockey handicapping website and get their advice. There are many ways in which to bet the NHL playoffs and many of them are great and can certainly make money, but betting the Grand Salami gives you a much better chance to win based on the simple fact that handicapping time is cut in half. You still need to have a good understanding of where the total is headed but that’s easy. Find a great online bookmaker, one that has a fantastic track record and make the deposit now so that you will be ready to win big.

The NHL Grand Salami consistently wins players money and is the best alternative to any other form of hockey betting. With the Grand Salami, you have a real chance to win and the even better part; this is the playoffs, so the number of games per day is very limited. Now the Grand Salami has become that much easier. Find a bookie that has the best options for withdrawing and get your Grand Salami bet going today.

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