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Sportsbook Loyalty: Great Benefits even better Customer Service

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Sportsbook Loyalty: Great Benefits even better Customer Service

In our due diligence to search out the best online sportsbooks, we have found some great ones and some not so great ones. We have found that online sportsbooks in general, will love it when you are loyal and they are willing to put their money where their mouth is.

Do you want to know the future of Sports Betting?

Player bonuses are a big deal and especially-so this time of the year. Football tends to bring out the players looking for freebies and quite frankly, the “bonus whores”. Don’t be fooled, the bookies know who the bonus whores are and they know what the intent is. The intent of these types of players is to deposit with twenty online sportsbooks and take a bonus with each of them in hopes of hitting somewhere; making it stick somehow. This strategy may work in the short term or it may not work at all and if you have done nothing more than making every attempt to beat the bonus, you may want to rethink your betting strategy.

Don’t Misunderstand—

You should have a few online bookies in your back pocket. You need a competitive edge and you want the best lines and odds that you can find. You should make it a point to have at least a handful of bookies and be “payout eligible” with each of them. “Payout eligible” Meaning -- if you place a bet with them and win, you may request a payout at any time and there is no reason they will deny your request. You want a handful of bookmakers that you are in this position with.

Loyalty Goes a Long Way’s—

Find two online sportsbooks that you like to use and use them every day. Use one for a bonus account and use the other for a cash account. Now, we are not saying that if you see an offer that you can’t refuse on a bonus, to not take said offer. Bonuses have their value and you can certainly win a lot of money by playing them, however, we feel that you are further up the road to keep one bookie for cash, and another for the bonus.

Bookies love players that stick around, and they will go the extra mile to keep you. When bouncing around from online bookie to online bookie, you will find the customer service to be close to non-existent and you will find that you rarely, if ever, get any kind of free play or any great bonus offers and you certainly can’t take advantage of the free contests.

Forums are a great place for Sportsbook Feedback

Loyalty means sticking it out with a bookie that has your best interest at heart. Loyalty breeds friendliness and bookmakers will go out of their way if you should have a problem with a wager, a payout, or a deposit.

Find a great online bookie that has a great reputation for top-notch customer service and great loyalty programs. This is your money and you must spend it wisely. Bounce around between 3-5 bookies but stay loyal to that handfull and you will reap the rewards.
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