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Breaking Down The Prop Options For the 2020 NFL Draft

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The 2020 NFL Draft from Thursday, April 23 through Saturday, April 25 presents an excellent betting opportunity for private bookies working with a quality pay per head site. As quiet as things are right now in the absence of live sporting events, this year’s draft should prove to be the biggest sports betting event of the spring.

There is no limit to the amount of draft props you can post on your NFL betting board as an independent sports bookmaker. Your PPH service should be able to provide everything you need to rival what the big commercial online sportsbooks have on their draft board.

As a private bookie, you also have the option to create your own prop bet options tailored to your sports betting customer base. This is a one-time event to cash-in on when things are rather lean, so you should be pulling out all the stops to make it even bigger than it appears.

Prop bet options for the NFL draft can be broken down into different categories as follows:

Individual Player Props

Your goal as a private bookmaker is to create as much interest as possible for each category. Highlighting the actual draft position for the most popular players should add a spark to the player prop options.

Maybe you put a very favorable number on former LSU quarterback Joe Burrow not being the first overall pick in the opening round. Along with odds to be the first player off the board at their position add in OVER/UNDER options for when each of these top prospects do come off the board.

Since there is so much emphasis on the first 32 picks of Thursday’s opening round, work with your pay per head site to feature players all the way into the second and third round on Friday.

Individual Conference Props

These are props tied to the five major football conferences. The OVER/UNDER on how many offensive players will be drafted from LSU in the first round? A YES/NO option for more defensive players drafted between Clemson and Alabama in the first round.

The only restriction here is your imagination. Take a closer look at what some of the big commercial online sportsbooks have posted and then add in some unique options on your board. Look to include a few props for Mid Major conferences to help expand the appeal.

Individual Position Props

The OVER/UNDER on total quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs taken in the first round are the most common examples of position props. This is another category that can be expanded in a number of different ways.

You can include all the positions on either side of the ball. Pit total defensive picks vs. offensive picks for the opening round. Anything that creates more interest from your overall betting base will help drive the overall draft handle.

Other Betting Options

This category can include any prop option that falls outside the realm of the three covered above. This is going to be a virtual draft with live coverage from key player’s living rooms and personal homes. This creates the stage for major technical issues that may arise. Will a player curse on live TV? Will their pet dog or cat jump on the couch with them?

Mom’s crying, dad’s crying, a crowd of way more than 10 people stuffed into the family room will all be part of this year’s drama. Why not let your customers bet on all of it?

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