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2020-2021 Early Premier League recap

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Premier League recap

It’s been a crazy start of the 2020-2021 English Premier League season, but little by little, we get a better view of what is coming in the next few weeks. As always, the Premier League has shown, in just a few weeks since the season started, that it is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting, disputed and why not say it, probably the best football league in the world.
You will always have your 6 big historical teams in the Premier League, Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Tottenham, that’s something that won’t change probably in a log time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that these six are the ones that will always be leading the league or in spots for UEFA Champions League and Europa League.
If the Premier League has shown us something is that there are always other big fights and important rivalries going on, and that the title is up for grabs for any team that is willing to put up a good fight for 38 match days. In this young season, even though two of the big ones are ahead in the table by a small difference, there are several smaller teams that have made it clear that they want to be in the title race this time around, we’re talking about Everton, Leicester City, Southampton, Aston Villa, and even recently promoted after decades out of the league, Leeds United.

In fact, all six major Premier League teams are right now scattered all through the league’s general table, Liverpool is first with 16 points, and Tottenham is second with 14, both in 7 games played. Chelsea is sixth with 12 points in 7 games, Arsenal is ninth with the same numbers, but a lower goal differential, Manchester City is tenth with 11 points in 6 games, and Manchester United is all the way down in 15th place with just 7 points in 6 games. All the other teams that we mentioned are right there in between, filling up the other spots, some of them quite high in the table.
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