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As in any other business in the world, in sports betting, there are different ways to do things. One is not precisely better than the other, itís just different ways to try to reach the same goal, which is lower your risk and maximize your profit. Thatís what weíre all after, and thatís exactly where we want to take you.

There are some people who rather risk a lot more, but do everything by themselves, A/B testing, trial and error, adjustments, and corrections, and so on. Nothing wrong with that, however, this can cost you a lot of money if youíre just making your way into this highly dynamic industry that is sports betting.
On the other hand, there are others that are ready to join forces and get some help from professionals, and thatís when we come in! Here at we offer you the complete package, a turnkey bookmaking solution where all you will have to do is basically keep track of your players and settle with them, and weíll take care of the rest!

What is it exactly that Real Bookies can do for my sportsbook business?

Well, weíve been around for many, many years, itís been over two decades, and this time and experience has allowed us to really learn from this industry, soak up on what happens day after day, get to know the markets, player behaviors, evolution of gambling, emerging technologies, and so on.

We have literally been through thick and thin, and we know this business upside down, and thatís what has enabled us to change and evolve to a point where we are now ready to give you full backup and support by taking care of your day-to-day operation and allow you to get some free time finally, but most importantly we will allow you to grow, to save some good money, cut back on your risk levels and help you maximize your overall profit.

Why? Because we have some of the best people in the sportsbook industry working right here with us, people with years of experience, some of the sharpest line movers in the world, 24/7 and multilingual Customer Service, qualified IT personnel, software developers, website designers, etc. Everything you need to be able to run a world-class sportsbook is right here and will be at your disposal once you decide to join and be a part of, all for just a small weekly fee per active customer.

PPH means sports betting at its best!
We have the best solution and weíre not afraid to say it! Price per Head is the fastest growing industry in sports betting, and the reason for this is because it works and it guarantees good processes, the best tools, and the lowest risk possible.

Give us a call now and letís talk about your needs. You can also join and take advantage of our free 2-week trial period, so that you can test the platform yourself. Remember, if you have any questions at all, donít hesitate to call us or write to our live chat. All the info you need is right there on our website, and weíll be more than happy to guide you through the whole process.

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