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There are many different ways to go about and try to build up your own sportsbook operation, and many of them will be successful. However, this doesnít mean that there arenít better or more efficient ways to do it, and that will show you better results faster.

Price per Head is one of these tools
that can give you better solutions for your sportsbook business, and the good news is that itís right there at your reach, for the lowest cost and risk, all you need to do is take a quick look around and youíll find different providers that can be a solid addition to your team and operation.

What can Price per Head do for my bookie business?

There are many things that a good PPH provider can help you with and that will definitely make your life easier. This industry has been specially designed to provide you with the best tools and services to guarantee the lowest risk and investment, while allowing you to maximize your offer and, of course, your overall profit.

Once you decide to join and work with a solid Price per Head operation, then youíre basically partnering up with a whole sportsbook operation that will help you run your day-to-day business, with the best possible platforms and tools, the most experienced sportsbook personnel, state-of-the-art sports wagering software, some of the most updated and professional website designers and developers, and much more.

From that day on, they will be working for you, and ready to attend to your customersí needs at all times, helping you expand your market offer, making their overall online betting experience easier and more enjoyable, and providing them with different products that might not have been available for them before, like live betting, online casino games, virtual sports, horse racing, or so on.

How much does Price per Head cost?

This is one of the most important facts about the Pay per Head industry, that it is actually the cheapest and safest way for you to become a bookie, or for your bookie operation to be able to grow into a full-size, world-class sportsbook operation.

Why? Because with Price per Head all you will end up paying is a small weekly fee per active customer, and thatís all. No commissions, no hidden fees, with PPH thatís all it takes. To put it in simple numbers, letís say you have 40 customers, and out of those, 30 were active during this week; PPH fees may vary from as low as $5 per head, to an average of $8 or $10 per head. Letís say you have a $10 per head fee, to use round numbers, if 30 players were active this
week, then all you will need to pay this week is $300 to your provider, and that will cover all your operational costs. Yes, all of them!

Thatís how easy and low-risk Price per Head is, and thatís how much we can help you take care of your money and your customers. Contact us now and weíll be glad to tell you a lot more about everything we can do for you, for your players and for your entire operation.

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