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There are a lot of options available to assist bookmakers in successfully operating their businesses. With the mainstream status now afforded sports betting, its popularity is skyrocketing. Sports leagues and states are embracing the industry, with a proliferation of Bookie Websites and partnerships related to wagering on sports.

Since the 2018 Supreme Court ruling that invalidated Nevada’s virtual monopoly on American legal sports wagering, there has been a flurry of activity. Online sports betting has become
commonplace and the same resources afforded the major players are also available to independent bookies.

The best bet for independent bookies is to investigate a Pay Per Head (PPH) software service. It gives the bookie and their clients the absolute best online wagering experience possible. Without having to forego a large portion of their profits, it gives them access to state of the art sportsbook technology.

Customers log in to Bookie Websites that have the look and feel of those offered by the large corporate sportsbooks, but with that are actually customized and managed by their own bookmaker. The online, 24/7 sportsbooks can have all of the sports and wagers that clients expect to see.

The NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball, NHL, soccer, college sports, NASCAR, golf, tennis and many others are offered. Wagers including futures, spreads, money line, over/under, reverse and propositions are available for customers to place. If the bookie has the appetite for additional options, they can also offer live betting, horse racing and casino games as well.

The advantages of Bookie Websites are not limited to offering wagering options and convenience to clients. The real benefit is for the bookmaker, who has the opportunity to manage their business in a different and more efficient manner.

Instead of manually entering and tracking wagers, wasting time on the phone or developing their own spreadsheets, they can utilize PPH software. The platform provides in depth reporting about all of their customers’ wagering activity. Bookies can instantly see what their customers are wagering on and the outcome of the bets.

They can also look ahead and see where their risk is for certain games or wagers on those events. The bookie has the ability to change lines at any point in time in reaction to betting patterns. It’s also possible to limit or expand the wagering options for individual customers based on their betting or payment history.

By evaluating the profitability of particular sports or wagers, the bookie can fine tune their promotional activity to move players toward those bets. They can offer bonuses on deposits or adjust lines and odds to be more attractive than their competitors. With the robust reporting available to them, bookies can easily see how special promotions add or detract from their profits.

What makes PPH Bookie Websites so valuable to operators is the flexibility that they provide for a fraction of what it would cost to develop their own site. A bookie can utilize the full functionality of the platform by customizing every client account.

Customers can be given full access to all sports and wagers, performing every activity on line. The bookie can analyze and use the extensive data that is produced to fine tune every aspect of their business. By managing the risk of every bet, they can squeeze every bit of profit they can from their operation.

The bookie can also take a simpler approach and use the site to simply communicate lines to customers and record bets that are taken in person. If the personal touch and hands on approach works, then it can still be supported by the system.

The reality is that most bookmakers will end up somewhere in the middle, most likely starting out simply and moving toward a higher level of use over time. Regardless of the level of utilization, clients and the bookie still benefit from the features of the PPH software. Convenience and a wide variety of wagering options for customers, with control, reporting and financial information for the bookie.

For anyone interested in getting started in the bookmaking business, there are a lot of resources available on the internet. One in particular offers great information on bookmaking and an overview of PPH software. They also have a robust platform of their own at

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