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Join the America’s Bookie NFL 33 Club This Football Season

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As America’s Most Trusted Bookie, more and more US sports bettors are turning to America’s Bookie for all their football betting action. From the start of the new college season to opening day in the NFL, this top-rated online sportsbook continues to deliver a wide array of betting options.

Along with a full board of football betting lines and odds, America’s Bookie has a number of contests and money pools in place to further boost your online betting account.

One of the most popular contests at America’s Bookie for the football season is the NFL 33 Club. This is tied to weekly deposits into your account all football season long. Entries into the NFL 33 Club are awarded as follows:

Total Weekly Deposit Amount

$300 to $499 = 1 NFL 33 Club entry

$500 to $999 = 2 NFL 33 Club entries

$1000 or more = 3 NFL Club entries

With each entry, you can designate one team as your NFL 33 Club entry. If that team goes on to score exactly 33 points in that week’s game, you win $333 in free bet credit. Your team does not even need to win the game. It simply has to put up 33 points on the nose.
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