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Are You the Regular Kind of Bookie?

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Are You the Regular Kind of Bookie?

What is a regular bookie? Well, before the internet, bookies would accept bets on sports only. There are still some old school bookies that only accept sports bets to this day.

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In fact,Other bookies will only operate during the football season.

While it's possible to still make money as a “regular bookie” accepting sports bets, those that choose this path are leaving money on the table, especially with the advancements of technology.

Increase Turnover at Your Sportsbook

There are now numerous ways to increase turnover at your sportsbook without sports.

Casino: Bookies now run online casinos as well. Most pay per head providers will feature software allowing bookies to operate a virtual casino and live dealer casino.

Want to offer live dealer blackjack? You now can and all of the profits are yours to keep. There are no extra fees for utilizing this feature either. However, you’re on the hook if your players win.

Poker: Having enough active players to run an online poker room is extremely tough, but you don’t need cash games running 24/7 to make some extra money every month.

Host a weekly tournament and collect the rake from all of your players that compete.

The great thing about poker is that you have zero risk. There’s no way to lose money by offering online poker. Every bit of rake you collect can go straight into your wallet as profits.

Racebook: You may already offer horse bets on races like the Kentucky Derby, but racebook software will allow you to offer betting markets on dozens of horse racing tracks.

Your clients will be able to bet on horse races almost every single day of the year. Having an online racebook is a bit risky, as the potential payouts can be huge, but just keep the limits small.

Horse bettors often go on long losing streaks, allowing you to book a lot of profits.

Offer More Betting Markets

Bookies are also increasing turnover by offering more betting markets to their clients.

The days of offering straight bets only are long gone. Other bookies are now offering live betting markets, allowing sports bettors to wager on every single play for major sports.

Why would you want to remain a regular bookie when there’s so much more money to be made?

Here are some tips for increasing your sports betting turnover at your sportsbook.

Live Betting: The more live betting (in-play) markets you have available, the more turnover you’ll have among your clients. The younger generation of bettors like instant gratification.

International Sports: The sports action never needs to stop. Increase your international sports betting markets and your players will be betting overnight.

Props Betting: With the surge in daily fantasy sports the last several years, player props betting has grown tremendously and can increase your turnover very quickly.

Never leave money on the table as a bookie. Offer all of the betting markets that you possibly can, but just make sure you keep betting limits reasonable to avoid going broke.
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