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Are You a Horse Racing Lover?

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Are You a Horse Racing Lover?

In the past, many people associated horse racing with tycoons. But, the sport is now popular in many countries.

Besides, many bookmakers offer a broad array of horse bets. Check out these six best horseracing software if you love the sport


The software offers different handicapping tools which increase your winning chances. It uses proprietary slider technology to allow horseplayers to choose more than 50 handicapping factors. You can assign certain weights to any factor to form precise handicapping mixes.

You can save 200 profiles for various distances, race types, and racetracks in Betmix. It has a detailed racing database where you can build handicapping systems and check results.
The MixMaker software has an amazing artificial intelligence (AI) system. It has precise settings for previous races. You can use the All Races Report to analyze racecards.
Betmix displays speed and spot pace advantages that show you the rank of each horse. It generates customized racing reports which focus on particular race types. Still, you can search the database to choose a race that suits your betting preferences.
You can assess your handicapping technique's profitability using the software's interactive racing results. It has informative handicapping tutorials and a guide.

Check the Free Horse Race of the day to try its free handicapping method. Betmix costs $50 per month and you can buy it on

Profit Maximizer
Mike Cruickshank built Profit Maximizer. You can wager on different race tracks. The software has an automatic best-wager finder which searches for the best racebook.
The developer explains how the handicapping software works and is always available. He runs a members forum on which people share ideas, thoughts, and tips. Mike often shares strategies and handicapping picks on the forum.
You will pay £97 per year or £8 per month to access the software. It is available on
Profit Maximizer has a one-month money-back guarantee. You can pay £1 to try it for 14 days.
Form Genie
The software was launched in 2006 and has grown to be popular among horse enthusiasts due to its ease of use. It has a distinct proprietary back-end, fast figures, and precise algorithms.
Form Genie has distinct Form and Speed Ratings for each British race that it combines into one huge rating. It predicts each race's outcome with stunning accuracy and consistency. You can view the ratings on your phone, tablet, or computer.
All selections have a transparent loss or profit that the software updates daily. It has several subscription plans including Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
Each option has various features and bonuses. It has a Weekender and a Free Demo.
The rates depend on your subscription's length as you can make a one-month, three months or annual purchase. For example, the Bronze or Weekender costs £249, Silver costs £299, and Gold costs £499 annually. Horseplayers who make annual subscriptions get a Form Genie bot and prompt rating releases.
The software costs between £39 and £59 per month. It is available on
Midas Method
Midas Method has a new release, version 3.0. It only provided horseplayers with auto-generated picks. Today, you can use it and get accurate picks.
The handicapping software automates horse bets and maintains results' consistency. It has four in-built systems that you can use to create customized horse gambling systems. Midas Method costs £6.5 per month and it is available on
Professional horseplayers recommend studying the form, in-depth stats, and understanding simulations to perfect your horse betting skills. Use efficient racing software such as Betmix, Profit Maximizer, Form Genie, Midas Method, and Horse Race System to analyze previous races and make precise predictions. The software has amazing interfaces.

You might have come across the term "pay per head (PPH)" if you are a regular bettor. A sportsbook offers various betting platforms, including a casino, racebook, and sports betting site. In this post, we explore the pay per head sector and discuss various services that it provides.
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When Was Pay Per Head Invented?
The PPH industry has existed for several industries. By the early 1990s, several offshore bookmakers had started digitizing their betting operations by building complex gambling software. This significantly contributed to the growth of the Asian and United States betting markets.
The U.S. federal government closed many online sportsbook and allowed offshore bookies to operate. PPH companies started building different betting software solutions and betting platforms targeting certain betting companies. They leased bookie software to minimize bookmakers' operating costs.
Today, the United States' gambling revenue comes from private bookies. High-quality pay per head products are in great demand in the nation. Brick-and-mortar and online bookies in some states provide casinos and racetracks.
Common PPH Services
Pay per head firms offer the following basic services:
Online Betting
More people are engaging in online betting globally. You can wager on any sport at home without visiting brick-and-mortar bookies.
Besides, you don't have to worry about when the betting shop will close as online bookmakers work 24/7. Big PPH companies offer PPH agents their services, and they provide them to local customers.
Customer Care
Many businesses need a reliable call center, either a modern or old-fashioned center. Some bettors, especially the elderly, prefer calling bookies to place wagers on the phone.
So, most pay per head firms offers offshore call centers that pick calls whenever a player calls. Their customer representatives can respond to any inquiry.
Casino and Sports
PPH doesn't focus on sports bettors only. The providers also offer casino games and horse racing.
Your bookie will access the casino, racebook, and sportsbook once you pay a pay per head subscription. They will increase your revenue as some sports bettors also play casino games.
Sports Gambling Software
Pay per head providers offer the latest betting software. It tracks each bettor's real-time betting activities, changes their betting lines and limits. Also, the software frequently generates different agent reports that you can access on your account.
Payment Methods
PPH firms accept these payment options:
Bitcoin: it is among the latest payment methods. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology and doesn't need a central authority. So, clients can transact in seconds.
MoneyGram: over 300,000 branches and 170 countries use MoneyGram. You can send or receive fiat currencies through it.
Credit and debit cards: most pay per head companies use VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. You have to check each deposit and withdrawal to ensure each bettor has a precise transaction record.
Bank wire: it resembles Money Order. Ask the PPH firm for a payment order of a certain amount. You can use direct personal accounts or offshore bank accounts to transfer money.
Western Union: it has existed for more than a century. Today, 437,000 agents worldwide work in more than 170 nations.
The Benefits of Contracting PPH Services
Increased Horse Racing Revenue
PPH helps bookies track all functional racing tracks. Many states in the U.S. allow horse betting. Hence, bookies can diversify their sources of revenue by accepting horse wagers.
More Betting Operations

Underserved markets like cricket, Formula One, and Grand Prix motorcycle racing can keep bettors engaged when the seasons of most major sports have ended. An ideal PPH company should cover popular and infamous sports.

Automated Wager Monitoring
PPH providers manage key gambling operations. Their software tracks all bets and generates player's balances reports each week. Besides, it ensures that both you and your clients are always online.
Reputable PPH companies meet bettors' and bookies' needs. They design a distinct pay system for every bookmaker. Bookie operators who hire genuine pay per head providers tend to attract many pundits and build their trust as the providers offer efficient betting software.

Make sure to head to our favorite pay per head bookie site at before the pick.
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