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Handicapping Pros vs Joes

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Handicapping Pros vs Joes

The same handicapping techniques are employed on an ongoing basis with some tweaks to the formula here and there. The use of massive amounts of statistical data need to be condensed into facts, stats and recent betting trends that can have the greatest impact on the outcome of a game.

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Pros rely on this empirical data to formulate their premium picks in the absence of outside bias. They add in few more intangibles that need to be taken into consideration and top everything off with some good old fashioned “gut instinct.”

Trust Their Process

By trusting the process (if its has been proven to be successful), pros can build a very high level of consistency into their particular handicapping process. When looking at sports handicapping Pros vs Joes, you need to find a trusted capper and follow their lead.

The average joe is typically no better than a coin toss at picking winners. That does not mean you cannot win money betting on sports. It simply means that you do not have the professional skills needed to win money on a regular basis.

You would like to think that you are pretty good at your job. This is especially true if you are working 40 hours or more a week performing that job. Repetition can build valuable skills that lead to continual improvement.

A true pro handicapper is no different. The most successful pros are willing to put in the necessary time and effort to hone their craft and improve their results.
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