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  • NFTs

    This post will be about NFTs which is actually better return than crypto IF IF you get in on the ground floor. This is the only thread I’ll discipline myself to ensure everyone knows what is happening. Basically if you can mint an NFT, you will 10x - 40x your mint price based on the actual mint you receive. It’s real. Guys, it’s here for a minute or a mile but money to be made.

    One that is important

    luna September 30

    more in october

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    def interested in this but I need a primer on how to mint. All I see is bid/purchase on opensea


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      Always interested to learn more about NFTs


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        what are nfts?


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            Which NFT? Never bought one. Definitely interested!
            If it was easy. Everyone would want to do it.

            Freedom is Not Free!

            Free your mind and your ass will follow!


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              I missed the boat here.
              If you can mint a NFT chances are you will make $. I wouldn’t be buying any floors on these like some of these traders are doing.
              Too many variables for my style.
              Buy on the open market. no

              That being said, I love NBAtopshot. Ive opened 13 packs. Nothing really of big value but definitely interesting.

              A aspect worth knowing on NFT’s

              Dynamic NFT.
              Im thinking trading cards may take this approach where performance tracking can be added to a NFT.
              I know you guys know I schill LINK in this forum for yrs.
              Interesting fact.
              Lemello Ball 2021 ROY did a Dynamic NFT with ChainLink where his stats would continuously update every season. If his accolades can alter the card, like wins a MVP or a championship would activate a achievement and unlock a rare attribute to the card. Very interesting stuff going on.


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                I have been into top shot for a while and I'm in the process of liquidating my account. It is only sustainable if you continue to pump money into the system, something I'm not willing to do.

                I have a bunch of MLB Candy "cards." These are very low mint count compared to top shot and the marketplace opens a week from today. super curious where the prices land. MLB has by far the most traditional card collectors so if this is the catalyst to get some of those folks to look towards digital cards that has promise. Candy is also backed by Fanatics (which just acquired Topps and has all future licensing for baseball cards). I'll be scooping up some Tatis cards for sure next week.

                As for opensea NFTs, I have some coolman's universe and nuclear nerds. Coolman's is interesting because he was a prominent artist/author/cartoonist with a huge following prior to making his NFTs. Something like that with a built in community even before the crypto crowd buys in piqued my interest.

                The nuclear nerds one i bought into purely because some guys I follow on twitter were into them.

                Hoping these pop!


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                  Originally posted by Jax
                  Which NFT? Never bought one. Definitely interested! What about Hate Race collection?
                  How to choose top NFTs? What are the criteria?
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                  My prediction about the price of BTC.


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                    my buddy has started nfts for photos in tezos and think even though that has been all over the map it would be one of the better ones for the future.