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    "U Cannot Looze with the Stuff I Uze"

    When the Man With Experience..;..Meets The Man With Money......................The Man With Money......Leaves with the Experience....

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    [COLOR="#2F4F4F"]WHEN I WALK into a casino in Puerto. Rico that i patronize. Welome to. Puerto. Rico Senior "Hammer". is what. i most often hear. i. am a $50. player up to. $100. at times. For that level i. get a $100. meal. comp. when ever i ask. Luxurious. lodgings. at. a $100. bucks a night. but that was. years ago. have my own place so have not asked lately about the lodging /COLOR]

    Eileen Wood
    October 28, 2019
    Lives in Las Vegas (1981–present)
    Why did Las Vegas change their business model from free parking, cheap meals, and free flights to charging for them?
    Originally Answered: In Las Vegas, years ago they used to offer free parking, cheap meals, free flight to almost everyone, now they charge for things like parking, pools access and meals are not more expensive then eating out at home. Why has Vegas changed their model?
    In the old days, the casinos were owned by people. Bugsy Siegel, Moe Dalitz, Benny Binion, etc. Mob people, but still people. They cared about the customers because they knew that happy customers gambled more.

    Free parking, cheap food, giveaways…these got people into the casinos and kept them there to gamble.

    The people who owned and ran the casinos back then were businessmen. They understood that it's ok to lose a little money in one or two areas if it means you gain millions in another. These guys were vested in the community. Their kids went to school here. Their wives shopped here. They knew their customers. These guys could walk through the casino and talk to the customers because they knew them. The customers were people, too. For instance, way back then, I worked for the company that made the equipment and software for the live keno games. Keno is a loss game - because it's labor intensive, the casino doesn't make much (if any) profit on it. But it was popular with groups of loyal players. One of the smaller casinos upgraded its keno lounge and got new chairs. A few weeks later, we got a call from the Keno Manager asking if we had any of the style chairs they had just removed. He had one customer, a very elderly lady who came in every week. The new chairs were very uncomfortable for her. The Keno Manager got permission from the Casino Manager to replace one chair, just for her. She wasn't a high roller. She was an old lady on a fixed income who gambled maybe $30 a week. But the casino was willing to go to the effort of finding a chair to make her weekly visits comfortable. (We had the kind of chair he wanted in our office, so we just gave it to him. The old lady passed away a couple years later and the Keno Manager brought the chair back. He cried when he did. That lady had played keno in that casino every week for 25 years. She was a person. The casino sent flowers to her funeral on behalf of the Keno Department.)

    About 20-25 years ago, that all changed. The Mob was pushed out by a worse group - the corporations. Human casino owners and managers were replaced by corporate bean counters. Corporations don't like seeing red in the ledger for anything. Over the years, they have changed everything. Buffet prices have increased dramatically. Giveaways have dropped or you have to gamble much, much more to get anything.

    They use the excuse “this is how it's done elsewhere” to justify the lastest abomination - no free parking.

    In short, Vegas is now a “company town”. The casinos are owned and operated by corporations instead of people. Corporations have no heart or soul. They don't see their customers as people - customers are just figures on an income statement.
    "U Cannot Looze with the Stuff I Uze"

    When the Man With Experience..;..Meets The Man With Money......................The Man With Money......Leaves with the Experience....