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Week 13 Big Time Plays and Big Time Fades

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  • Week 13 Big Time Plays and Big Time Fades

    Quarter Back - I'm not excited about any of the high priced guys at this position. They all could go off but there is value at the lower price. Definitely Fading Murray and Watson especially Fuller is now out, what about Russel Wilson? With Daniel Jones out, I don't think game script will be for him to be lighting it up all day but I will still play him in some lineups cause there is 4 - 5 TD potential. Aaron Rodgers? I think he struggles a little bit with that Eagles defense. I will play Cousins in some of the Lineups that I don't have Cook in but seriously I think Mitch Trubisky, yes I said it throws for 270 and 3 TDS. Justin Herbert is at least 20 fantasy points a week as well. Oh and I will play some Taysom Hill in this, not a lot but can't miss some action based on Atlanta Defense. ALSO some Tanneyhill in Linups that don't have Henry and have Brown

    I think the plays that I will have the most of are the low priced guys because of Matchups


    Running Backs -

    Dalvin let me down last week but going back to him this week because of matchup. Hopefully Ezra Cleveland comes back at guard, he creates some holes

    Derrick Henry - Have to play him as well in some, he can break the slate and is almost matchup proof

    Nick Chubb - He should be able to run it against Tennessee

    Jerome Robinson - Had a good week last week but I'm not playing much of him, I think the Vikes sell out to stop him but he does have that big play potential

    Aaron Jones at $7200 I'm fading him for the most part, will play sparingly, the guy is sharing time with Williams. Are they saving him for playoffs? Are they trying to decrease his stats because of contract year. Guy has big play ability and it seems hes being handcuffed. Will play him in a couple lineups

    Austin Ekeler - This guy sure lit it up last week, big play, slate breaking ability, He maybe the Alvin Kamara we saw early this season

    Alvin Kamara- What a price drop down to 7K and he may still be a fade until Brees comes back, I mean he doesnt get the rushes and if he doesn't catch passes his fantasy value is very little when it comes to price point. Have to play him in several lineups

    Miles Sanders - this guy has all the talent in the world and has a great matchup, the Boneheads in Philly gave him 6 touches last week. If they decide on giving him the volume he will be a stud. if he don't fall on his ass but I will be playing him a lot at $6700

    Cris Carson - Could definitely have some big plays but I think they are splitting time with other backs cause Carson is an injury waiting to happen but does have a nice matchup

    DeAndre Swift - I'm fading him totally at 6500, Not liking the matchup if Akem Hicks is back, plus you cant trust the volume with unknow at coaching

    Look into the Colts situation with Hines and Taylor, I like Taylor if he starts and not Hines as much but if Taylor is out Hines becomes a big commoditiy.

    David Montgomery 5500 he could have a big day against that D.

    Wide Receivers

    Fading Davante Adams for the most part his price is high and will have Slay shadowing him all game

    DK Metcalf - He is matchup proof but I think Lockett gets more targets this week but by no means am I fading Metcalf entirely

    Keenan Allen - Still had 10 targets with Ekeler back, price is a little high @ 8100

    DeAndre Hopkins - hes matchup proof but I'm playing little shares agaisnt that Ram defense and Murray looks like that shoulder is a problem

    AJ Brown - $7600 I think this guy may have the most points this week, Henry is going to command a lot of attention and Brown may have a field day

    Tyler Lockett - I said to myself that I think its going to be his week but his price point of $7400 is a little high for me. Hes only topped 20 fantasy points 3 times and has had under 12 points 6 times but he still can break the slate so a little exposure is warranted

    Adam Theilen - $7300 Im thinkng 7 for 100 and a TD is in order, He missed last week with Covid but he wasn't sick

    Calvin Ridley - $7200 not much in a long time, Saints defense getting better, fade for me, can break a slate but only have so many fantasy dollars

    Michael Thomas - 7 k Had 22 fantasy points in this matchup a couple weeks ago and I bet he finds the end zone this weekend

    Justin Jefferson - $6900 I'm almost tempted to play half my linueps with Theilen and the other half with Jefferson thinking one or both go off., but the back of my mind says Dalvin could just steal the show

    Allen Robinson - $6700 I mean once again Bears receivers have a nice matchup and he has a great price point. will be in several lineups

    Julio Jones - If he is in I have to play him somewhat but can he get through the game, With the other matchups i have to fade

    Davante Parker - $6400 Hes picking up targets and fantasy points, has a great matchup, Have to play him

    jarvis Landry is playable but not excited

    Woods and Kupp - one of these guys will go off which one or both?

    thats about it on receivers, check out my value plays for the rest

    Tight end - PUNT

    well I have hunches

    Waller should bounce back nicely agasint the Jets

    Engram is getting the target shares

    If Fitz plays I LOVE Gesicki

    Jonnu Smith

    See if Ertz is back against Green Bay

    I mean the tight end is tough to sort out from week to week

    FADING Henry and Hurst

    Defenses -

    Its the Dolphins and Seattle for me.. Vikings maybe a sneaky play

    Seattle especially if Jones is out, they are applying a lot more QB pressure

    I kind of went on rambling a bit but this will be good reference for me as I build my lineups later in the week.

    Do you guys like this stuff?

    Any opinions?
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