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    I've bet on a soccer game maybe three, four times in my entire life.
    Each time it was a TV game, and I bet to have a rooting interest.
    Each time I changed channels because it bored me, just like when I bet on MLB.
    But last week something strange happened. I bet a game, and I watched it. The whole game. And . . . I found it tolerable (winning the bet didn't hurt either.)

    A couple of days later. I did the same thing: bet and watched the entire game. And . . . it was exciting.
    And here is why I fear there is something wrong with me - the telecast was in Spanish.
    I didn't understand what the hell they were talking about, but I enjoyed the game anyway. Strange stuff.

    Now I find myself checking the games to see if any are on TV, so I can watch.
    Using one "system" only, Ov/Un only.
    Doing well, so I figured what the hell, post what I'm on for as long as this lasts. I expect my interest to wane (wane??!!) when football starts.
    Until then . . .


    Europe Champ League: Pyunik Yerevan Ov 2' -140

    Egypt Premier League: Zamalek Ov 3 -120; Pharco Ov 2 -115
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    Recap: 1-2
    Record; 1-2, -$155 (I'm using $100 as a betting unit to make it easy to track but my actual unit size is less than that as I know NOTHING about this sport and am just having fun while I try to learn it.)

    I left the records out of yesterday's posts because I didn't want anyone to see them and think, "Good #'s, I'll take a chance on these plays."
    After 1-2 yesterday that's no longer a concern, so I'm okay with posting the records.

    Including yesterday's games, Ov's are 1-3, Un's are 10-20.
    Problem is, I only have limited options to place wagers now. I'll expand for college football but only have one account funded right now, and it doesn't offer lines for most of the games I circle. I'm trying something different here, not the usual method I use to 'cap where games must hit multiple parameters to qualify as a play. TOO many games to use that approach with soccer, so I'm trying something simple. Good results on the records thus far, but can't get a bet in on most of them.

    For example, today I have Un 3' in a Women's World Cup U20 with Mexico, but can't get a line on it.
    For Overs I have Prerov 2', Castkovce 3', Tatran Turz. 2', Baden 2', Shamal 3', Santa Lucia 1', GAIS 1',Germany (women U20) 2', Orlando ( S Africa Liga) 1', Aegir 3', and Buckingham 1'.

    Only game I could get a line in is Orlando/Stellanbosch, and I couldn't get 1' so I had to use 2. (Same as Pyunik yesterday. I need 1', couldn't get it so I used 2', got a L instead of a W.)
    I'm guessing most houses don't have lines on most of these games, such as the "Friendlies" and Women's games, and less popular leagues?
    If I was betting larger amounts I'd look into adding some soccer outs to play at, but with small $, and football about to begin, I'll just use the one out for the next couple of weeks.

    Orlando Pirates Ov 2, +125
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      Glad to see you posting!

      I would seriously consider opening an account at a place like Heritage or Bovada if you are serious about Soccer. I use Heritage and they have a Soccer Plus site that has just about every bet imaginable on Soccer.
      "You may be a genius, but your not very smart!"


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        I was hoping someone would stop by with some friendly advice.
        Thanks Bason, I'll look into both places.
        Much appreciated.


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          Recap: 0-0 push with Orlando
          Record: 1-2, -$155

          Second day in a row I couldn't get the line I needed and didn't bank a unit, took a loss two days ago, a push yesterday.
          Posted plays went 7-2 (not including women, I can't find their scores. Can't get a line, can't get results, so unless it's popular tournaments I'm going to drop women's plays from my work.)

          Correction on records posted yesterday. I accidentally reversed the records, the Ov is 3-1 not 1-3, and Un are at 20-10, not 10-20 (I wouldn't recommend buying an Un on a 10-20 spot, I'd post as a Fade.)
          With yesterday's plays added they are Ov 3-1, Un 27-12.

          With numbers like these I have to make time to research books (checking out Heritage today, thanks again, Bason) and add additional outs, ones that offer alternative lines on totals, so I can get more wagers in.
          And if the #'s hold, I'll up my wager size, too.

          Today's spots:
          CSA Ov 2' (Brazil Un 23; will drop the U21, Un 23 leagues too, if I can't get lines), Hamrun Ov 2' and Paide Ov 2' (Europa), General Caballero Ov 3' (Paraguay Copa)

          I have no buys today as BetAny doesn't have lines on any of these. Thought for sure I could get the Europa spots, but, no (or maybe they already started, that's another thing I have to learn/factor in with this soccer stuff - time zones for different countries.)

          Hope to have some buys tomorrow, in the meantime, good luck with our plays today...
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            Use or to get all the results. They have them all. You can set up favorites and alerts for goals.

            On heritage and the other larger Euro books, you can buy totals up or down. I do this all the time in parlays. You will find everything you need at the better soccer books.
            "You may be a genius, but your not very smart!"


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              Flash score has every score imaginable score . You can get lives scores from 3rd division in Thailand lol


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                UPDATE: Thanks Bason and Pitt Kid for stopping by with "where to find scores" tip.
                I was using Flashscore but guess I wasn't definitive enough in what I input for queries.

                The three missed scores from yesterday were Shamal Ov (L), Gernany Ov (L), Mexico Un (W); 1-2 on those.

                And I screwed up the records AGAIN!!! Overs were 27-12, Unders 3-1.
                The reason for the screw-ups is these are Fade plays. I use Fades when my charts have plays with losing records.
                Brief explanation - most people focus on looking for a winning play/edge when handicapping, I don't. A record of 5-10 is just as valuable to me as 10-5, they're both 67% if you just Fade the play with the losing record.
                When I chart, I write down the date, teams, play, and updated record, but when I share Fade spots here I post the opposite side of what's in the charts.
                If you could see my logbook (I'd take a picture and post it if I could) you'd see Un at 12-27. But I Fade those, posting them as Overs, so the record is Ov 27-12, not Un. The mistakes come when I post the chart #'s not the Fade #'s/plays.
                (That "explanation" probably made things more confusing, but, I tried.)

                Anyway . . .

                Looked at a few sites, making a decision on which to use. I'm really starting like soccer, as a fan.
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                  Recap: no buys yesterday
                  Record: 1-2, -$155

                  Posted spots went 2-2 yesterday.
                  Updated charts have Ov 29-14, Un 3-1. Charts don't have $ amounts attached because I couldn't find lines on some games. Now that I see lines for Ov 1', and heavy juice for them, the 29-14 is not as good as it looks because any Ov 1' that lost was likely at a $ of > -200. I'll go through the charts to find out the record on Ov 1' spots, to get a better idea of how much, if any, profit is within the Ov plays. I'll post what I find.

                  UPDATE: record for Ov 1' is 13-5. Using a base $ of -220, the loss would be $1,100 against a gain of $1,300; some $'s were likely > -220, but some were also <, so probably a slight profit on the play.

                  Today's games that qualify.
                  Estonia: Parnu Un 3' (already started, 1-0 mid 1st half)
                  Germany Oberliga: Altona Ov 2'
                  Poland Div I: GKS Katowice Ov 1'
                  Slovakia: Skalica Un 3'
                  Scotland Champ: Dundee FC Ov 1' -245
                  Argentina Liga Prof: Hurracan Ov 1' -220

                  Okay, have another out to use, posted lines I could find on games that qualify.
                  Can get 1' goal now but too pricey @ odds > 2-1, so I bought 2 goals instead.

                  Dundee Ov 2, -105
                  Huracan Ov 2, -115
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                    Recap: 2-0, +$200
                    Record: 3-2, +$45

                    Got 6 goals in the early game for a W, then in the late game got a goal in the first 5 minutes, putting me in a good position for a plus balance on the day. Had the 3 goals needed by halftime for another W. Posted spots went 4-2.

                    I only have a few games that qualify today, and don't like the lines. To keep things simpler here I think I'll just post the games that I'm going to buy instead of all games that qualify like I do in other sports. As I'm learning more about soccer I'm finding that some of the plays I have come with prices of -200 or more, and I don't lay odds like that except in boxing when I have really strong info.

                    No buys today.
                    Good luck with your play...
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                      Record: 3-2, +$45

                      Bason - thanks again for the recommendation for Heritage. The variety of lines/options is amazing. Turns out I already had an account there and didn't know it - years ago they grandfathered me in from Spiro's old place, The Greek.

                      I know most of these games are in other countries, different languages and all, but still some of these names sound made up, like my play today. It sounds like a form of Mad Cow Disease.

                      Botev Plovdiv Ov 2 -120
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                        Originally posted by RBD View Post
                        Record: 3-2, +$45

                        Bason - thanks again for the recommendation for Heritage. The variety of lines/options is amazing. Turns out I already had an account there and didn't know it - years ago they grandfathered me in from Spiro's old place, The Greek.

                        I know most of these games are in other countries, different languages and all, but still some of these names sound made up, like my play today. It sounds like a form of Mad Cow Disease.

                        Botev Plovdiv Ov 2 -120
                        Nice call!!


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                          Thanks, jng.
                          I'd like to post more picks, but with football starting I don't have time to handicap soccer every day. Some days there are so many games it would literally take me 3-4 hours to run every game through the parameters I use to try and find a play like I do in other sports.
                          Hate to leave it though, I'm on my way to becoming a fan, really enjoy watching it on TV.

                          One of the things that makes soccer difficult to 'cap is there are so many teams it's hard to get to know their tendencies, like you can with a team in other sports.
                          I've isolated a spot that is 2-11 on Unders (it has 2 spots today, Iceland's Viking. Rey. Un 3' and Scotland's Livingston Un 3) problem is, juice is usually 180 or >, and I don't usually lay odds like that except in boxing if I have a clear edge. I don't have enough history with soccer to lay those prices but if that W % continues (2-11 is too small a data sample) I may start to lay heavy juice. I'm not buying the two spots today because a split loses $ and juice is too high.)

                          I'll make time to 'cap soccer on days with no football, Tue & Wednesday, see how that goes, see if I can win playing it part time.

                          Record: 4-2, +$145

                          No buys today.
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                            Record: 4-2, +$145

                            Haven't been in for a while but I still handicap the games every day, occasionally making a small play.
                            Bought one today.

                            Spain Tercera
                            Acero/Mary Richard's best friend Ov 2 -120
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                              Recap: 1-0
                              Record: 5-2, +$245

                              Got a W last time in with Ov 2 in Acero/Roda.
                              Bought one spot for tomorrow.
                              Good luck to all the Mad Jackers playing the World Cup.

                              Denmark/Tunisia Ov 2 -135
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