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    • Originally posted by Morris View Post
      Do you like beer?
      "We can be an outstanding team," Nick Saban told a quiet locker room after UA's 2009 Spring game. "I'm not worried about the talent on offense. I'm not worried about the talent on defense. But how bad do you want it?"


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        • Originally posted by yyz View Post
          It doesn't work like that. Come on, can't be this dim.

          Let's say you have a New Kids On The Block cd. Your boyfriend really digs the grooves bein' laid down, and has to have that cd. You give it to him. Absolutely no harm done.

          On the other hand, you burn a copy of the cd so you EACH have one. Now, we have an issue. Now, you can bust moves like Jordan, while the boy-toy gets his beats down like Joey, and you can both do it on opposite side of the fagdominium!

          Shit aint right, Home Skillet!

          Now, you guys have a daisy chain party some night, and all the girls want a copy now! So, at the end of the month.......50 copies of that ONE cd you bought, have now been made and passed around, and The Kids aint gettin' paid!

          Are you even starting to get CLOSE to understanding it yet?

          The guys who are SELLING a product, don't want you getting it for FREE!