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Best Deer Hunting Caliber????

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  • Best Deer Hunting Caliber????

    My son has decided he wants to go hunting with me this year so I have to get him a rifle. I took him to the range and my spare 12 gauge kicked him like a mule causing him to shoot high every time. He will be hunting in PA where you can use most any caliber for big game.

    I think a good starter rifle would be a .270 Winchester. Flat trajectory, lightweight, and little recoil. We are hunting mountain mules in rocky terrain and do not expect any shots greater than 150 yards.

    What is everyone's favorite deer caliber and why?

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    AR 15

    kills alot of shit quick . and po po will not approach you
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      This werks well
      for me !!!!

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        I like the 300 wsm for pretty much anything but if you need an excuse for a new caliber:LOL: a nice simple .243 has been great for me on whitetails.


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          Hey there, I'm a newbie here, but I wanna throw in my two cents on this old post. If you're hunting mountain mules in rocky terrain, you definitely want something lightweight and with little recoil. I'm with you on the .270 Winchester, that's a solid choice. Another option to consider is the Bergara BXR. It's a sweet little rifle that's perfect for beginners. As for favorite calibers, I personally love the .308 and the .30-06. They both have plenty of power and are great for taking down big game.
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