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Aliens came and had sex with me

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  • Aliens came and had sex with me

    Alien Sex 101, The Antonio Villas Boas Account

    by Nigel Watson
    Source: Fortean Times

    March 23, 1999

    Almost from the start, sex and UFOs were inseparable bedfellows. The adventure of 23-year-old Antonio Villas Boas on 16 October 1957 in Brazil is probably the most famous case of interstellar intercourse. Antonio was ploughing a field on the family farm when the engine of his tractor cut out; at the same time, an object with purple lights descended from the sky. Humanoids in spacesuits emerged from the object and took him into their craft, subjecting him to what seemed like a medical examination. They stripped him, spread a strange liquid over him and took a sample of his blood. He was left alone in a room for what seemed a long time, until a beautiful, fair-haired woman arrived.

    She was naked and Antonio was instantly attracted to her. Without speaking or kissing, they had sex, during which she growled like a dog. Despite his strange circumstances or perhaps because the alien liquid had Viagra-like properties Antonio was soon ready for a second helping. Interviewed later, he said: "Before leaving she turned to me, pointed to her belly, and smilingly pointed to the sky." Before letting him go, his captors gave Antonio a guided tour of the spaceship. Antonio went on to become a successful lawyer and still stood by his story over 30 years later.

    Equally lurid stories of sexual liaisons with UFO occupants came from the world-famous contactees of the 1950s. Howard Menger, for one, had regular meetings with Marla, a beautiful blonde from space who claimed to be 500 years old. She projected "warmth, love and physical attraction," which he found irresistible. Menger divorced his wife to marry Marla (aka Connie Weber). From July 1952, Truman Bethurum had many meetings with Aura Rhanes, the captain of a flying saucer, whom he found to be "tops in shapeliness and beauty". Bethurum's wife wasn't so impressed with this "queen of women" and cited Rhanes in her divorce petition. From the late Forties to the early Sixties, female contactees in contrast to today's female abductees are few and far between. This is more than made up for by the astonishing story of Elizabeth Klarer, who in 1956 fell in love with Akon, a scientist who took her to his home planet, Meton. There, he seduced her, saying: "Only a few are chosen for breeding purposes from beyond this solar system to infuse new blood into our ancient race."

    This smooth talk worked;

    "I surrendered in ecstacy to the magic of his lovemaking," she wrote later.

    Klarer said their "magnetic union" produced a perfect and highly intelligent son named Ayling.

    She was sent back to South Africa alone and died in 1994; as far as we know her starman and son live on somewhere beyond Alpha Centauri. Rather ordinary tales of 'contact' are thus transformed into heroic fantasies of youthful virility. Antonio Villas Boas claimed to have done what any healthy young man would have done in the same situation; he and Elizabeth Klarer delivered the goods, helping to save an alien race from extinction. Scientific ufologists, more interested in 'hard' evidence (like radar traces, photographs and forensic samples) condemn this 'wet' material as too subjective, relegating claims of sexual assault and abduction to the fields of psychology and folklore (which they likewise distrust). The early contactee literature provides a rich variety of such stories and, whatever their validity, it is a pity they have been largely neglected or ridiculed. When ufologist John Keel visited college communities in Northeast America during the mid-1960s, several young women told him they had been raped by aliens, and young men confessed that aliens had extracted their semen.

    By the 1970s, the idea of hybrid 'space babies' was more widely known but taken seriously only by UFO cultists who, said Keel, feared, that "the flying saucer fiends are engaged in a massive biological experiment creating a hybrid race which will eventually take over the Earth."

    A decade later, these notions were part of mainstream ufology. Serious researchers some of them academics, like John E. Mack and David Jacobs openly declared their belief that the 'Greys' were taking sperm and ova from human abductees. It was common to hear female abductees tell of being impregnated, of the ftus taken from their wombs, and of later being shown their hybrid babies in a nursery on a flying saucer. Historically, pregnancy and abortion have been surrounded by a constellation of myths and old wives' tales and it is, perhaps, no surprise to find UFO mythology being used to explain unexpected pregnancies, 'mysterious' discharges and missing or malformed babies. In the 1970s, a 19-year-old Californian girl attributed the birth of a blue-skinned, web-footed baby to being gang raped by six blue-skinned web-footed humanoids who attacked her after she watched their spaceship land on a beach. Similar stories of lusty mermen (the ocean has some affinity with space) can be found in folklore and are usually given as explanation for the birth of deformed babies with reptilian or fish-like characteristics. Some researchers are aware of intriguing similarities between the lore of witches and fairies and modern abduction reports, and nocturnal sexual encounters with supernatural beings of all types can be found in most cultures to the present day. In the past, hundreds of men and women confessed (not always under torture) to sexual intercourse with demons.

    Some shapeshifting demons were said to lie with a man (as a succubus) to obtain sperm and then (as an incubus) impregnate a woman with it.

    Ufologists, in particular, have been aware of the structural similarities between accounts of fairy and alien encounters. A recent study by James Pontolillo compared 1517th century accounts of sexual relations with demons to 20th century encounters with aliens and concluded that both traditions expressed a fundamental fear of female sexuality but today the male body and mind are just as likely to be under attack. Communion author Whitley Strieber famously described being sodomised by a narrow, 1ft (0.3m)-long alien probe.

    He felt that, while inside him, it seemed alive and was surprised, on its removal, to find it was a mechanical device. In my own research I have interviewed 'Martin Bolton' who had visions of, and telepathic communications with, three young space women. On behalf of these entities, he window-shopped for female attire and watched porn films. They were the 'goodies'; the 'baddies' beamed pain to his brain and for a three-year period stretched his penis during the night. On several occasions they afflicted him with phantom pregnancies. Ridley Scott's movie Alien (1979) dramatised the nature of the alien sexual assaults; the proof of their inhumanity is that they don't always differentiate between the sexes or even between species.

    Historian David Jacobs who offers accounts, in his book, of abductees compelled to have sex with fellow victims while aliens watched speaks for many who believe that the apparently spontaneous experience of abduction by so many different people implies the phenomenon really exists as an objective threat. Yet Rogerson has demonstrated that most of the elements of the abduction narrative appeared together as early as 1967 in "The Terror Above Us" by Malcolm Kent. This science fiction novel anticipated such ufological themes as the 'Oz factor' (the sensation of being transported to a different reality), the supernatural cold, the doorway amnesia (the informant cannot remember what went on inside a room after entering), the alien in disguise, and impersonal scientists experimenting on humans. For good measure, the story also includes a male protagonist having his genitals examined before sex with an alien female.

    Another critic of the hybrid-breeding idea is British ufologist Peter Brookesmith, who compared the described activities of the alien 'doctors' with the procedures used by terrestrial fertility specialists. He found that the alien inseminators singularly fail to take their subjects at the premium time for egg removal, namely within 48 hours of ovulation. And the aliens are just as likely to be confused by 'missing' fetuses as are humans, given the general difficulty of diagnosing pregnancy within the first eight weeks. For all their cosmic superiority, the alien inseminators can make pretty elementary, and farcical, errors. Aliens inserted a long needle into Betty Andreasson's navel. They said their purpose had to do with creation and were puzzled to find 'something' missing. Andreasson had to explain to them that she'd had a hysterectomy. Whatever the genesis of such reports, we have to consider that folk have reported sexual contact with all manner of supernatural beings throughout history. Either the aliens have been conducting their beastly experiments for millennia, or such stories meet some deep-seated socio-psychological need. Until any solid medical evidence is provided, the latter hypothesis seems the more likely.

    This article by NIGEL WATSON can be found in Fortean Times 121. It is printed with a fully anotated reference guide.
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    Jazz Singer Tells of Sex With "Reptilian" Alien

    Pamela Stonebrooke, a professional jazz singer residing in Los Angeles, California, says she will tell her own incredible story of alien encounter in a forthcoming book to be published by Ballantine Books, a division of Random House.

    According to a June 3, 1998 report in the New York Post newspaper, Ballantine outbid at least two other major publishers for Stonebrooke's story.

    The Post left little doubt about why the book attracted so much attention. Stonebrooke's own book proposal says she engaged in sex with a "reptilian" alien.

    "She recounts this act of interspecies intercourse in a graphic, no-holds-barred, tour de force description, unique in UFO literature, replete with precise physical and emotional detail, sensational without being sensationalistic," the Post said, quoting from the book proposal.

    But Stonebrooke told CNI News that the Post article "seriously misrepresented the true nature" of her ET encounters. The real point of her story, she says, is not the lurid sex, but that she succeeded in not becoming a "victim" in a potentially overpowering situation.

    "The book will tell about my reptilian encounters, a subject that very few women are prepared to speak openly about," Stonebrooke wrote in a June 8, 1998 "open letter" to UFO researchers. But, she said, "I'll be examining and exploring my contact experiences in light of their transformative aspects, recognizing that the phenomenon is, and can be, an incredible catalyst for expanded self-awareness."

    "Reptilians are not a politically correct species in the UFO community, and to admit to having sex with one -- much less enjoying it -- is beyond the pale as far as the more conservative members of that community are concerned... But I know I am not unique in reporting this kind of experience," Stonebrooke wrote in her open letter.

    CNI News editor Michael Lindemann interviewed Pamela Stonebrooke on June 21, 1998.

    Stonebrooke says she has been a professional singer since she put her first band together at the age of 14. She's played jazz clubs in Europe, England and Japan, and now works mostly in her home town of Los Angeles. She's played with the best musicians in the business, she says, and she writes most of her own music.

    Like many people who claim to have what Temple University professor David Jacobs terms a "secret life" as an alien abductee, Pamela Stonebrooke seems to be a successful, self-confident, rational person. She's smart, articulate, and often funny. Apparently she did not need the notoriety of a tell-all book to earn her 15 minutes of fame.

    "To even come forward with this has really put me in a tenuous spot," she says. "I'm actually reluctant to be famous.... I have a deep reverence for my artistry and my life, in terms of it being peaceful. I now wonder if I've shattered that possibility."

    Her strange experiences didn't seem "alien" at first, she says. Years ago, she took an interest in so-called out-of-body experiences and paranormal phenomena.

    Pamela Stonebrooke: I've been digging into the paranormal for quite some time. I astral projected about thirteen or fourteen years ago. I had an out of the body experience. I had no idea what was happening.

    Michael Lindemann: You weren't trying to do it?

    PS: No. But it was such an incredible experience that I wanted to find out what it was and see if I could do it again. So I really set out to become a skilled astral projector. I read every book I could find.... I went to other planets. I went to places that scared the living daylights out of me, but I thought it was all in my imagination. I was fine when I came back. So I was really having a ball.

    ML: Do you continue to do this today?

    PS: Absolutely. It's one of my greatest adventures.

    ML: How does this relate to the ET encounters you say you've had?

    PS: When I had this [alien encounter] experience, it had the flavor of an out of body experience. The thing that freaked me out about my first encounter was that I awoke aboard what I think is a spacecraft -- I was in a metallic room, oddly shaped...

    ML: When was this?

    PS: This was five years ago.

    ML: Was this again an unexpected, spontaneous event?

    PS: Yes, it was.

    Stonebrooke says she awoke to find herself surrounded by strange "gray" beings with huge black eyes, the kind of alien that is most often reported by abductees. She says she had no idea who these beings were, because up to this time she had never paid any attention to UFO lore.
    PS: I had not paid much attention to this whole thing. I was into metaphysics and channeling and opening my chakras. I had never read any accounts, never been to a UFO conference. I wasn't really interested in that stuff.

    ML: How did you feel when you first saw these beings?

    PS: I was panicked. They were filing into the room and standing around me, and I was literally shaking in a corner. I was in a fetal position, going "No, no, where am I? What is going on?" And this being that I perceived as a female came over to me, put her hand on my shoulder and said, "Don't be afraid. All you have to do is be here. Come with me." She took me into a room. It's still very vivid to me. On this metallic table that was a couple of feet from the floor were these four little girls, ages about 8, 9, 10 and 11 -- something like that -- and they came running over to me, calling me "Mommy." I was literally paralyzed against the wall. They were grabbing the bottom of my arms. I was trying to pull my arms away, and they were grabbing me.

    ML: How did you react to these little girls calling you "Mommy"?

    PS: I was panicked, because I had never wanted to be a mother. I had always made sure that I had never been pregnant. However, putting pieces together now, I remember years ago having four false pregnancies which I couldn't explain at the time. I didn't worry about them then, because I hadn't been with anyone.

    ML: You're saying that you can recall, in the "normal" part of your life years ago, that you had four unexplained false pregnancies?

    PS: Yes. At the time, I was really busy, partying a lot and living the lifestyle of a musician. So I had excuses for why I was hemorrhaging, or why I had weird symptoms or morning sickness. I had other reasons. I was heavily into the music scene, so I made excuses for all that stuff and really didn't worry about it.

    ML: Did the four little girls look like normal human children?

    PS: They didn't look human, but human-like. They really looked like a mixture. I was afraid of them because, first of all, I couldn't imagine me being a mother, and secondly, I couldn't imagine being the mother of something I didn't fully recognize as human. In retrospect, I've dealt with the guilt I felt for not being able to embrace them and accept them.

    ML: When you woke up the next morning, was all of this clear in your memory?

    PS: Yes, vivid. And I knew that something about it was different than an astral projection. Because, literally, I have astral projected to places where there were half-animal, half-human beings tearing at me, and have awakened in the morning and said, "Oh man, I'm glad that was only a projection." So now we have little girls grabbing my arm, and I'm totally panic-stricken. It doesn't make sense.

    ML: Was there something in particular the next day that convinced you that this had been more physicially real than an out-of-body experience?

    PS: Yes. I had my kimono on, and I noticed that my arms were sore at the bottom. So I pulled my kimono sleeve up, and I saw little bruise marks on my arm, from my elbow down to my wrist. The minute I saw them, it was a confirmation to me that something really physical had happened.

    ML: How did you feel about that?

    PS: For the next year and a half, I was pretty much a mess. I was trying to share with friends, and with my minister at Science of Mind church. And I was really unhappy at not being taken seriously -- in fact, looked at like I was crazy. My friends stopped calling me because I wasn't fun any more. All I wanted to talk about was this...

    Feeling increasingly frustrated and anxious, Stonebrooke says, she went to a well-known local channeler named Darryl Anka, seeking advice. Anka gave her a recently published book by a woman named Kim Calrsberg, called "Beyond My Wildest Dreams." In the book, Carlsberg describes her own struggle to come to terms with alien abduction.
    PS: Darryl gave me Kim Carlsberg's book, and I think I must have sobbed all the way through it. It was somehow healing. It helped me start processing stuff. I still have a real hard time talking about some of the medical procedures that I remember from incidents after that. In fact, that's the only thing that I can't really talk about without having the trauma come back in my face.

    ML: Do you mean to say that you've recalled other abductions where you experienced medical procedures?

    PS: Yes, I started to remember other encounters, and they were very disturbing to me. Most of the stuff that scared me was the medical stuff, because of the coldness and the detachment that I felt from the beings, not to mention the physical symptoms.

    ML: Judging from hints you've previously given about your forthcoming book, you seem to feel very differently about your encounters with so-called "reptilian" aliens. You've even suggested that you enjoyed your sexual encounters with these beings.

    PS: I've said that the connection we had, and the sex, was better than anything I had experienced. But it wasn't so much the physical act of sex as the whole experience of ecstatic mental, spiritual, emotional and physical -- a combination of experience -- that made it so amazing to me.

    ML: When did you first have an encounter with a being you call a reptilian? How did that come about?

    PS: I was really getting through my "gray stuff" pretty well. I had managed to finally apply my metaphysics, one of the fundamentals of which is that our spirit -- the part of us that is a spark of the infinite -- signs us up for some lessons to be learned in this life. We basically pick our script, make our contract, come here, do it the best we can, and if we're lucky, wake up to the fact that we can actually author this experience with our thoughts, beliefs and awareness. So I was able to apply my metaphysics and say, "If I signed up for everything else in my life, then I definitely signed up for this too. Now, what can these experiences teach me?" Well, the first and most obvious thing is that it can make me face any fear. If I can get through the fear of something that I don't even have the vocabulary to explain, then there won't be much in this physical dimension that frightens me. So I said, if I signed up for this, I must be ready for it. And then I said, OK, I want to know more. What's really going on here? In my meditations, I said, Take me further... So, basically, the reptilian showed up. The first time, it shape-shifted from a gorgeous blond man to a reptilian being...

    ML: When was this?

    PS: That was about a year and a half after my gray stuff, when I really started to process it and feel comfortable. I was ready for anything.

    ML: How is it that you wound up in bed with this gorgeous man? Was that intentional on your part, or a surprise?

    PS: I woke up in my bed and he was making love to me. I was pretty sure that I was totally awake, that it wasn't a dream. And I said to myself, I don't know this person. I didn't bring him home last night. But I also felt like there was a mental connection. It didn't feel like a lucid dream, it didn't feel like out of the body. I didn't know what it was, but I felt pretty safe. And I was getting a telepathic communication: "You're safe with me. We have been together before."

    ML: Then what happened?

    PS: Basically, the entity shape-shifted into a reptilian being.

    ML: When you say reptilian being, why do you say that? What features make this being reptilian to you?

    PS: That's [how] I've come to identify it. It's humanoid, very sentient. I could tell there was an incredible intelligence and mental communication with this being. I felt in a lot of ways that I was looking at a part of myself once again, an aspect of myself, something very familiar to me. It did have almost like a snake's body -- if you rub it the way the scales flow -- firm but smooth. That's what it felt like to me.

    ML: What kind of eyes did it have?

    PS: The eyes were a bit larger than ours, and I was catching glimpses of colors: gold, speckles of red, and brown, with a vertical pupil.

    ML: Vertical like a cat's eye?

    PS: Yes. And very handsome, oddly enough. Maybe because, again, of the mental communication. I was shocked and frightened because of the appearance at first, and then I decided to participate.

    ML: Are you saying that your lovemaking continued as this being became a reptile?

    PS: That's correct.

    ML: Did the being give you any indication why it revealed itself when it had been looking perfectly blond and normal to you?

    PS: No. And in the other subsequent encounters I've had, there's been no shapeshifting involved. He just appears as a reptile.

    ML: Is it clear to you that it's always the same one?

    PS: My feeling is that it is, yes.

    ML: Have you seen more than one?

    PS: No, I haven't.

    ML: Apart from your physical contact, apparently you have some sort of communication with this being. What's the nature of that communication, generally? Is he revealing secrets of the universe? Telling you he loves you? What does he say to you?

    PS: Yes, love is expressed, but basically what I get -- and part of this is from hypnotic regression -- is an apocalyptic scenario that I would have to prepare for.

    ML: Are you being shown an apocalyptic future?

    PS: Possibly. That's the way I'm interpreting it. There may be something that I will see in my lifetime that I will have to deal with, and I'm being reminded of the amount of spiritual and emotional centeredness I must have to make whatever transition is necessary. Everything I say should be prefaced with, "It seems to me," because I have no answers to any of this stuff yet, and I may not, ever. I know I may have to make a friend of the unknown forever. But I want to make peace with this, because I don't want to live a life of desperation.

    ML: Do you see a relationship between the various entities you've met -- grays and reptilians, for example -- or are these different types of entities operating separately?

    PS: For me, they are somewhat separate. I think we're talking about many different factions within many different species, coming from the past, present and future as we know time. I think that there could be intelligent, benevolent, spiritually evolved reptilians. I think there could be warrior classes that are still raping and pillaging, like any invading force might do in a foreign land. One thing I want to stress is that it's really dangerous to generalize about any of these entities. I've come to realize [that] the more peace I make with these experiences, the more peaceful they are.

    ML: You seem remarkably at ease, considering what you've been through. Is there any final thought you'd like to share with our readers?

    PS: One of the most amazing things about this is that it really makes you look at your beliefs. I think that unless we all do that, we don't stand a chance of having the kind of life we're all entitled to -- one that's peaceful, that has a sense of unity and oneness. The truth is never going to be delivered in the package that we want it in. I think people are opening up to this. That's a really positive thing.
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