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    Doing business as a bookie is a lot of fun, it can also be a real challenge on many levels. The ...
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    Good news for the New Orleans Pelicans and for the NBA in general, as rookie sensation Zion Williamson has cleared his quarantine ...
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    The best thing about the top 5 pay per head (PPH) services is the affordability.

    Today, we’re going to look at the cost of PPH services. The costs can vary widely between services and a lot of PPH shops use upsells to quickly increase the price you’re paying.

    Average Cost of a Pay Per Head

    Let’s look at the average cost of a pay per head service first.

    On average, you can expect to pay $10/head (weekly fee per active bettor) initially. This is what you should be paying for a complete package, though. Make sure you read the fine print.

    Look out for whether or not a racebook and casino are included in the cost.

    There are several services that charge considerably less than $10/head. The major problem with the cheap services are they don’t have the infrastructure to properly support bookies.

    Some PPH services will lure you in by charging $5-$10/head, but then you’ll find out after signing up that many of the features have additional fees. Want a casino? Pay more. Want live betting? Pay more. Want futures/props? Pay more. Always make sure you know what’s included.

    Things to watch for when choosing the right price per head service:

    ● Features Included: We recommend contacting PPH services directly to discuss
    exactly what is included in the cost of the PPH service and what features require
    additional fees.
    ● Response Time: How responsive is the PPH service when researching them? Reach
    out and see how long it takes for them to reply. Bookies rely heavily on their PPH
    providers and you need to trust that the service can help you through any future
    problems when they arise.
    ● Betting Board: What sports leagues and bet types are being offered? Ideally, you
    want the biggest possible betting board with thousands of markets for your players to
    wager on.
    ● Bookie Tools: What additional tools is the PPH service offering? The best PPH
    bookie software providers all have developed tools to help bookies run their business
    successfully and grow.
    ● Commissions (Revenue Share): You should never pay commissions as a bookie to
    your pay per head. If there’s a commission structure in place, you should avoid that
    ● Contracts: The best PPH sites don’t require bookies to sign contracts. In fact, they
    hardly require any personal information and you can pay through Bitcoin (BTC). We
    recommend never signing a contract, as they typically lock you into poor terms.

    Volume Discounts

    While new bookies can expect to pay $10/head to start - PPH services like Realbookies offer
    volume discounts.
    The more active players you have, the lower fee you’ll pay. If you can grow to 1000+ players
    then you can start seeing prices as low as $7/head, which is extremely cheap for a reputable
    You can typically request a discount once your betting sheet grows to 25+ active players.

    Running an online sportsbook using a pay per head service doesn’t need to be expensive. There are multiple reputable services that charge $10/head for everything you’ll need to run your business.

    Learn more about Pay Per Head:

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    Is Your Pay Per Head Service Ready For The Return of Major Betting Sports?
    Online Poker Software Solutions at No Extra Cost With Real Bookies
    Real Bookies Offers Expert Grading Services
    Now More Than Ever, Bookies Need Professional Pay Per Head Services
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    What was the NHL Stanley Cup futures market a few weeks ago is no more. The NHL’s bubble has seen its fair share of upsets. Pittsburgh and Edmonton - both No. 5 seeds - were eliminated by teams that back in March were well out of the playoff picture.
    Boston, everyone’s favorite to capture the 2020 Stanley Cup, went to the bubble and promptly lost all three of its seeding games.


    That said, it’s time to re-examine the NHL Stanley Cup futures market.

    Bruins Fading
    Heading into the NHL restart, Boston was the NHL’s points leader. After scoring four goals in three games, the Bruins are now the No. 4 seed in the Eastern Conference. As a result, Boston’s odds to win the Stanley Cup, which were once as short as +400, have now faded to +800.
    The Bruins will take on Carolina in its Round of 16 series. The Hurricanes were the only NHL team to sweep its qualification series. Carolina beat the Rangers in three straight games.
    Knights, Avalanche Hot
    The only team to go unbeaten among the top four teams in either conference was Vegas and the Golden Knights might be the hottest team in the NHL right now.

    After starting the season rather ho-hum, Vegas reeled off 11 victories in 13 games just before the season was put on hold. The Golden Knights won all three of their seeding games and did it by scoring 15 goals in the process. You’re sure to see them in a few Free NHL picks as we get into the playoffs.
    The Knights are now a +600 favorite to capture this year’s Cup.
    So is Colorado. The Avalanche won two of their three seeding games and now will face Arizona in the Round of 16. With Nathan MacKinnon and a number of other Avs back in the lineup, Colorado is also listed at +600.

    Beast of the East
    Heading into the NHL restart, the Philadelphia Flyers were coming off nine wins in ten games just before the break. They promptly swept their three seeding games and are now the top seed in the East.
    While NHL fans would have preferred a Philadelphia-Pittsburgh series, the Flyers will get No. 12 Montreal which beat the Penguins in four games. The Flyers join Vegas and Colorado as +600 favorites to win the Stanley Cup.

    How the NFL Schedule Impacts Betting Choices

    What About The Dogs?
    Underdogs have been a good bet - Montreal and Chicago, for example - so far in this NHL postseason. Without the benefit of home-ice advantage, it’s difficult to see a true underdog making it through the tournament, and online sportsbooks know this.
    Still, the whole coronavirus thing has thrown bettors for a loop this season so anything is possible. The one underdog to keep an eye on is Carolina. NHL teams that are good defensively - like the Hurricanes - normally offer a bit more value in the postseason.
    Carolina took it right to the New York Rangers in the qualification series. They limited the Rangers to just four goals in three games. Goalie Petr Mrazek won both of his starts and went 21-16-2 during the regular season.
    The Hurricanes catch Boston in a slump. Carolina is listed at +1600 to win the Cup and they will have to do much better against the Bruins than they have recently in order to advance. Boston has won 10 of the last 11 games against the Hurricanes.
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    The NBA restart got underway July 30, which is great news for NBA bettors. With each team playing eight “seeding” games ...
    by Published on 08-01-2020 08:57 AM

    Have you ever dreamed of starting your own online sportsbook?
    Gambling is fun, but we all know that the house always ends up winning. Why not become the
    house and start accepting bets from your friends, co-workers, family and other
    Now is the perfect time to give it a shot, as you can start your business entirely free of charge.
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    RealBookies COVID-19 PPH Promotion

    You can join RealBookies, the leading pay per head (PPH) service in the world, for free.
    Realbookies has consistently been ranked by leading sites like Scoresnadstats, OSGA and
    You’ll be able to access every feature typically included in the PPH package. You’ll be
    able to open up accounts for players that want to start betting with you and make some
    Despite major sports in America still being postponed, there are lots of sports to bet on.
    The UFC is hosting events nearly every week right now. The Premier League and numerous
    other soccer leagues have been back in action for a while as well, so there’s plenty to bet on

    Here are the details of the RealBookies promotion:

    ● Free: You won’t pay anything until one of the big six sports in the US are back. Those
    sports are the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, CFB and CBB. It looks like the earliest any
    sport will resume is at the end of July (NBA), so you’ll receive several weeks of
    service completely free.
    ● What’s Included: Bookies will receive everything that’s included in the standard
    package. You’ll have access to the sportsbook, racebook and casino. You’ll be able
    to learn how everything works. The RealBookies admin panel is extremely simple to

    800 949 6285

    RealBookies Is Among the PPH Industry Leaders.

    The platform allows your players to wager on 80+ sports leagues, 70+ horse racing tracks and
    100+ casino games. Your players will even have access to the live dealer casino during the
    There is no cost for registering and for a limited time you’ll be able to become a bookie for

    First Steps After Joining RealBookies

    Here are some of the first steps you’ll need to take after registering.

    ● Set-Up Players: You can simply contact RealBookies to have them set-up a player
    account for you. The player ID will be randomly generated and then you can edit the
    log-in details.
    ● Betting Profiles: Before giving the log-in credentials to your player, there are several
    steps you need to take. You need to set-up the minimum/maximum bet amount, the
    credit limit, the maximum winnings allowed on a bet and what features the player will
    access to.

    For instance, you may not want your players access to the online casino initially. You
    can change the player access with the click of a button. The admin panel is extremely detailed.
    If you’ve ever thought about becoming a bookie, now is the best chance you’ll have.
    You can operate an online sportsbook for free until one of the big six sports are back. You can
    make money and find out whether or not this business path is a good choice for your

    More pay per head tips:

    Now More Than Ever, Bookies Need Professional Pay Per Head Services
    Recovery Made Easy With Pay Per Head Solutions
    Specialize Your Betting Board With Pay Per HeadNavigating The Future With Pay Per Head Bookie Services
    Real Bookies Pay Per Head Accounting Services
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    Each year, the NFL scheduling process is a chore. The idea behind the scenes of the schedule is to promote competitive balance. As a result, teams know in advance which teams from one in-conference division and one out-of-conference division they will play.
    The league also tries to achieve balance by having last-place finishers in a division play other last-place finishers from other divisions. As much as the league tries, it still is driven by its most prized possession - television revenue.


    In the end, the annual NFL schedule is ripe with what could be considered unfairness. While trying to be “equal,” the league ends up having an impact on teams’ performances just based on the schedule. It can affect bettors too.

    Prep Time & Rest
    The biggest issue when it comes to scheduling is giving teams enough recovery and preparation time for the next game. At the very least, there is an attempt to equate the number of days off between games.
    That doesn’t always happen.
    The Industry’s Best Referral Program. Refer your friends and win weekly! No hassle!

    A team that plays on a Thursday night and then doesn’t play until the following Sunday gets three extra days when playing a team that plays on consecutive Sundays. Those three extra days can play a major role in an outcome. It is something savvy bettors should take into account when placing wagers.
    Look no further than NFL betting data on teams coming off of a bye week. Since 2001, teams coming off a bye are 312-274-3. That’s a winning percentage of .532.
    This data can be useful. In the 2020 schedule, for example, Green Bay and Detroit will have the first byes of the season in Week 5. The Packers will play at Tampa Bay in a late game Sunday and the Lions are on the road at Jacksonville. Both Green Bay and Detroit will have had more rest and preparation time than their opponents.

    Strength of Schedule

    There are some things that teams simply can’t control. They can’t control which teams are in their division and they can’t control the crossover games. Teams crossover and play all the teams in a division from the other conference while also playing all the teams in a division from their own conference. Bettors have trouble controlling this as well, which is why gambler’s insurance can be your best ally.
    Sometimes, it just works out like this. Baltimore finished 14-2 last season. That was the best record in the NFL. In 2020, the Ravens will play a schedule with strength measured at .437.
    That is significant because there is no other strength of schedule ranked below .455. In essence, the team with the best record in the NFL a year ago will play the easiest schedule in the league in 2020.
    Check out the Raven’s three-game stretch to close the season in Weeks 15, 16, and 17. Baltimore will face Jacksonville (6-10 last year), the New York Giants (4-12), and finish it off with the Cincinnati Bengals (2-14).
    The league attempts to promote parity by scheduling games with opponents with similar records from the previous season. There are many times where it just doesn’t work.
    Seattle went 11-5 and earned a wild card last year. The Seahawks have a late-season stretch that is almost laughable. Bettors could be all over Seattle in Weeks 13, 14, and 15.
    The Seahawks have consecutive home games against those same 4-12 Giants and then the Jets (7-9). Seattle then travels to Washington (3-13) in Week 15.
    Since 2012, Seattle has played 20 regular season home games against teams from the Eastern Time Zone. The Seahawks record? 16-4.

    Fair or not, the 2020 NFL schedule will play a role in the outcome of a number of games. Bettors should be aware of scheduling factors as they place their weekly wagers.
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