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    by Published on 10-08-2020 08:05 AM  Number of Views: 78 

    Sports betting legalization
    has been a topic that has been on the table many times and for many years. There is no question or doubt that the US betting market is one of the biggest and most profitable in the world, and thatís why offshore gambling is so strong, but, even though some states have made gambling legal, or at least have been open to that idea, offshore operators remain strong for different reasons, and even appear to have grown and consolidated, in many cases.

    There was a certain fear in recent years, that offshore operators could weaken or even disappear, once the United States authorities started opening up to legal gambling. As always, change causes that fear, but it also brings opportunity, and sports betting is so big and strong, that offshore operators never really felt threatened by these changes, but on the other hand took the opportunity to improve and evolve, making their players feel safe and rewarded, and thus generating trust and confidence.

    Offshore gambling is safe for the near future

    There is no need to worry if youíre in the offshore gambling business, if youíre thinking about joining, or if youíre just a loyal customer. Evolution and change are inevitable, and yes, once state authorities start opening up and allowing legal betting, things will probably shift and adjust, but that does not mean that offshore operators will necessarily be affected in a negative way by these changes.

    Sports betting is one of the biggest and most profitable industries in the world, and this means that it will not die, weaken or disappear, it is Americaís favorite past time, and as such, it will remain for many, many years.

    Offshore operators have this certainty and have been able to pass it on to their customers, they have been able to adjust and improve, to include the latest technologies in their platforms, to expand to more people and services, to offer a wider variety of products and markets, and to make the online betting experience the best it can be.

    We have seen a shift in the way people bet, live betting is now the main source of volume and excitement for players, live streaming, virtual gaming, e-Sports and different products that are now in playersí top of mind. Mobile betting is also a must right now for any bookmaker out there, being able to place your action right from the game or just on the go, knowing that you can place your bets at any time and from anywhere you can get an internet connection.
    So, to summarize, itís not really where you are right now, but what you can offer. If youíre doing things right, then your players will be able to enjoy your product, they will remain loyal, theyíll keep playing, whether youíre operating offshore or not. In fact, being away gives even more advantages about privacy and data safety, so, whatever happens from now on, things are safe for offshore operators.

    Here at we have things quite clear and weíre ready to help you either way, so just give us a call now and we can start helping you right away. Contact us now and letís talk about this a bit more, weíll be happy to help!
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    Switching pay per head (PPH) providers or starting a sportsbook for the first time?

    Make sure you look for
    by Published on 09-29-2020 09:26 AM  Number of Views: 220 

    There are seven undefeated teams entering Week 4 of the NFL season, and two of them
    will face each other this week. Of the other five 3-0 squads, only four are favorites, with
    the other one a surprising home underdog at top online sportsbooks.


    Hot as a Firecracker

    Atlanta (0-3) at Green Bay (3-0) (-7.5): The Packers are averaging 41 points a game,
    win by 12 points, and are 3-0 against the spread. The Falcons average 30 points a game
    but have blown big fourth-quarter leads in their last two games. That point spread looks
    low and might go up by the time the game kicks off.
    Seattle (3-0) (-6.5) at Miami (1-2): Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has been
    spectacular, completing 79 of 103 passes for 925 yards and 14 touchdowns. He's also
    run the ball for 90 yards on 14 carries to lead Seattle to 37 points a game. Seattle is the
    only undefeated team other than the Steelers to beat the spread in every game.
    Pittsburgh (3-0) (-1.5) at Tennessee (3-0): Both of these undefeated teams have
    scored 80 points through their first three games. The Titans' wins are by a total of just six
    points, and they've failed to cover the spread this season. After missing the playoffs in
    2019, the Steelers have looked solid, winning by at least five points in every game.
    Last time we brought you NFL Week 2 betting tips and went 2-1. Check them out.

    Surprise, Surprise

    Buffalo (3-0) (-2.5) at Las Vegas (2-1): The only time the Bills failed to cover the spread
    this season was on the road against the Dolphins. They got a late score to beat the
    Rams last week at home and cover the two-point line. The Raiders have looked good in
    beating and covering against the Saints at home, and the Bills are vulnerable.
    Indianapolis (2-1) (-2.5) at Chicago (3-0): The Bears can't get any respect, despite a
    come-from-behind 30-26 win over the Falcons. After a disappointing loss to Jacksonville
    to start the season, the Colts are on a roll.

    Both teams are 2-1 against the spread, so something will have to give in Chicago.
    Disrespect the Bears at your own peril, they look a little different in the 2020 NFL

    It Looks a Lot Like 2019

    New England (2-1) at Kansas City (3-0): Tom Brady is in Tampa Bay, but it's hard to
    tell from the way the Patriots have started the season.
    Meanwhile, Kansas City appears to be on track to repeat as Super Bowl champion. The
    Chiefs failed to cover in a close win at the Chargers, but otherwise are making it look
    easy. Unless Brady shows up at halftime, the Patriots will have a tough time in Kansas

    How Bad is the NFC East?

    The teams in the NFC East are a combined 2-9-1 and just 2-10 against the spread. This
    week, they all play 2-1 teams, with the Cowboys the only favorite, by four points over
    Cleveland. Considering Dallas is 0-3 against the spread, it looks like betting against the
    entire division wouldn't be a bad idea.

    Last year, Philadelphia won the division with a 9-7 record, mainly due to the weakness of
    the division. It looks like 2020 won't be much kinder to the NFC East.
    by Published on 09-24-2020 05:03 PM  Number of Views: 155 

    First of all, letís go straight to the meaning of this phrase. What is a cookie-cutter approach? Itís when everyone tries to do exactly the same thing, to put it in just a few words. Itís basically when you use the same mold for everything you do, so, yeah it might be a good thing, but thereís always room for adjustments and improvements, or else things will always be the same, in the best case scenario.

    So, how does this apply to sportsbooks and the Price per Head Business? Well, as you already know, and this works for the basics, but this doesnít mean itís good to settle for just anything, you will always find differences, benefits or advantages that make one service stand out from another, and these little things are what could make you better in different ways.

    Old school bookmaking vs new school

    This applies not only for , but for the sports betting world in general. There are rules and guidelines that everyone follows, and thatís good, it gives certain stability to the business, it gives us standards and safety. However, here at we quickly realized that those standards are there not just to be followed and obeyed, but to help you improve and evolve.

    The sportsbook industry has changed quite a bit in the past few years and even more in 2020 with the whole Covid-19 issue that has made us adapt in many different ways. If there was a cookie cutter before this, weíre pretty sure itís probably destroyed by now. Itís time to go out and re-learn from this business, from customers and their needs, from new rules and changes that have affected sports and online games, for good or bad. This is a time to re-think and come up with new strategies and tools that can help you and offer a better product to your players.

    The new reality is a big opportunity to improve

    There is a lot of room for change right now and to do it well, you need the support of a company that knows what itís doing, with many years in this industry and with the right people and tools to get you straight to the top. Here at we have everything you need to feel safe and comfortable in this new era. We have the software, the personnel, the IT solutions and the experience for you to be sure that weíll be able to help, and all for the best rates.

    Itís not time to be afraid, itís time to grow and evolve, itís time to listen to your customers and be able to fulfill their needs, because things are just different now, from what there was 6 months ago. This is a huge opportunity we have, a chance to get better, to improve our internal processes, to sharpen our product, whichever it might be.

    Contact us now and letís do this together! Weíre waiting for your call and weíll be more than happy to help!
    by Published on 09-16-2020 04:37 PM  Number of Views: 195 

    As in every business in the world, there is a path you must take in order to take your operation to the highest level, a path which will take you through ups and downs and will teach you different lessons. This is normal in any field, and bookmaking is not the exception. However, there are some important steps that you can take right from the beginning, that will help you avoid certain dangers and obstacles, and this will help you be successful sooner and in an easier way.

    There is no need to guess in professional sports betting, with many years in this business, here in we have guessed enough already, so that you donít have to anymore. Good Price per Head operators have taken some of the falls for you already and weíre ready to pass the torch and give you a hand, so that you can be as successful a bookie as you can be.

    Start from the basics, donít skip steps
    In the sports betting business, itís important that you complete the process, start from the basics and be great at it, because this will hold your business for years to come. Sports bettors are looking for the best overall experience, they donít really ask for too much, but to have a platform in which theyíll feel safe when playing, where they know their money and data are well protected, where they can have fun and place their bets within seconds.
    Here at we have everything you need and itís all yours, once you decide to join. Weíll provide you with a new website, the best possible sports betting platform, different products like sports, horse racing and casino, the best reporting tools in the industry, and so on. As long as you can manage this and cover it 100%, your players will be fine, theyíll remain loyal and active.

    Donít let your heart or gut run your business
    In sports betting there is no place for feelings or hunches. This business has been created and adapted for it to work and assure success. Itís important that you give your players what they want, that you offer the best lines you can offer, the widest variety of markets, because what you really need is volume, and then the rest will come by itself.
    Some bookmakers adjust lines according to what they think is right, or to what they think their players will take, but in the end what that creates is chances for your business to backfire. You might end up winning, but you can also lose, a lot when you take sides and donít stick to the general plan.

    Grow and evolve into a better version of yourself
    Year 2020 has taught us many things, and one of them is that we need to evolve, learn, and adapt to different circumstances. The way sports bettors play, the way they watch games, on which platforms they do it, these are all things we need to take in consideration, pay attention and attend to, because we need to keep up with new trends, so that they can always feel comfortable playing with us and wonít end up looking for something better.
    These are just a few points we can mention, but thereís a lot more we can talk about. Give us a call now and letís figure out how we can bring your sports betting business right to the top!
    by Published on 09-16-2020 02:38 PM  Number of Views: 158 

    The NFL season got underway with an exciting Week 1 for sports handicappers. A concern for many bettors heading into the season was the impact of home field advantage.

    There were eight home favorites and eight home underdogs. The home team went 8-8 SU and 9-7 ATS.

    Americaís Bookie Offers Bonuses Tied to Deposits all Football Season Long

    Will playing at home be of any advantage in 2020? Itís a great question, but what teams - and bettors - should be more concerned with are miscues.

    Both Cleveland and Philadelphia committed three turnovers, missed a field goal, and turned the ball over on downs twice. Both teams lost in Week 1.

    Can Smart Bettors find any value in Week 2?

    49ers @ Jets

    The New York Jets are seven-point home underdogs. Last season, the Jets were 4-1 as a home dog beating Pittsburgh, Dallas, the Raiders, and the Giants. Can they pull off the unthinkable in Week 2?

    Not likely. The Jets lost to Buffalo 27-17 in Week 1. The score appears a lot closer than it actually was. New York scored a meaningless late touchdown. The Jets also gave up 300 passing yards to a quarterback - Josh Allen - who had never thrown for 300-plus.

    The Jets also lost RB LeíVeon Bell to a hamstring injury. Head coach Adam Gase is probably on his way out and having to face the Super Bowl runner-up in Week 2 doesnít help.

    The Niners were upset by Arizona last week, but all the key pieces are still there. The running game is outstanding and QB Jimmy Garoppolo could throw for half a thousand.

    While itís hard for west coast teams to travel east and win, my free-pick has San Francisco winning this one and covers. San Francisco -7

    Saints @ Raiders

    The Raiders beat Carolina in Week 1 for the franchiseís first win as the Las Vegas Raiders. Now, itís time for the first home game in Vegas.

    Unfortunately for head coach Jon Gruden, his first home opponent is Super Bowl favorite New Orleans. The Saints beat Tom Brady and Tampa Bay handily in Week 1.

    One thing that didnít go so well for Vegas in its first game was the defense. The Raiders had no answer for Christian McCaffrey and Teddy Bridgewater. If they donít have an answer for Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas, Saints QB Drew Brees is going to eat up the Raiders defense.

    New Orleans will not allow Raiders RB Josh Jacobs to run wild like he did against Carolina. That said, hereís why you back the Saints to cover the seven-point spread.

    The Saints are 4-1 ATS in their last five games. They are 7-2 ATS in their last nine versus the Raiders and the Saints are 7-0 ATS in their last seven games on the road. New Orleans -7

    Jaguars @ Titans

    The trend over the last few years in this AFC South divisional clash has been leaning to the Over. In six of the last nine Jacksonville-Tennessee matchups, the Over has hit at .

    Last week, the Jags pulled a huge upset beating Indianapolis behind QB Garnder Minshew and his 95 percent completion percentage. Jacksonvilleís defense was good enough to bend and not break in a 27-20 win over the Colts.

    The Titans got a last-minute field goal to beat Denver on Monday night. Tennessee has beaten Jacksonville the last six times in a row when playing the Jags at home.

    With the spread set at -9.0, weíll go with the trend and take the Over, which has also hit in 10 of the Titans last 14 games. OVER 42
    by Published on 09-04-2020 06:10 PM

    The top team in the Western Division faces one near the bottom as Sporting KC travel to Houston Dynamo this weekend. Both teams will play Wednesday night before this matchup as first-place Sporting host FC Dallas while next-to-last place Houston host second-place Minnesota United. This contest kicks off at 8:00 p.m. Saturday night at BBVA Stadium in Houston ESPN+.

    Sporting and the Dynamo have history in MLS regular-season play, MLS post-season play and the US Open Cup with 45 total head-to-head matchups. In MLS regular-season play Houston has an 11-9 advantage with 13 draws and the Dynamo also lead in post-season play with a 4-2-1 record. These teams have already met twice in 2020 with Sporting winning 4-0 at home in March and Houston winning in Kansas City 5-2 on August 26.
    Sporting KC Outlook: Take the Attack on the Road
    Sporting KC will host Dallas Wednesday with a two-point lead over Seattle in the Western Conference standings and could head into Houston with the best record in all of MLS. Since the return to regular-season play after the Orlando tournament, Sporting has one win, one loss and a 0-0 road draw.

    They never led in the 5-2 home loss to Houston two weeks ago. Johnny Russell tied the game 1-1 in the 26th minute but Houston led 3-1 when Gadi Kinda scored in the 49th minute. Houston tallied twice in a four-minute span to put the game away at the 61-minute mark as Tim Melia allowed a season-worst five goals on eight shots.

    Before the Dallas game, Sporting KC is led in goals by Kinda with four while Alan Pulido and Khiry Shelton both have three regular-season goals. Pulido also scored in the MLS is Back Tournament quarterfinal loss and leads the team with four assists. Melia has started seven of the eight regular-season games this year with 16 save, two clean sheets and eight goals allowed.
    Houston Dynamo Outlook: Find the Home Game
    The Dynamo are one game behind Sporting KC in games played at secon and are just one point out of last place as they host Minnesota Wednesday. Houston has played just two games since the Orlando tournament, a 0-0 home draw against FC Dallas and the win in Kansas City. That win was their first of 2020 to go with four draws and two losses.

    Alberth Ellis got the scoring starting in Kansas City with a 17th minute goal and Christian Ramirez put the Dynamo back on top just before halftime. Niko Hansen made it 3-1 right after the break and Darwin Quintero scored both of the goals to secure all three points in the second half. Marko Maric made one save to secure coach Tab Ramosí first career win.

    Houston scored just six goals in their first six games of the season with three in a draw against LAFC in the Orlando tournament group opener. The five goals they bagged on August 20 in Kansas City was the most for the team since they also scored five times on April 21, 2018 against Toronto FC.

    Quintero and Elis lead the team with three goals each while Memo Rodriguez has two goals, both against LAFC. Quintero also leads the team with three assists in five starts. Maric has started all seven games in goal with 20 saves, 13 goals allowed and one clean sheet.

    Sporting KC at Houston Dynamo Betting Lines
    Sporting KC to win:
    Houston Dynamo to win:

    The August 20 scoreline was a surprise and an aberration to both teamís results so far in 2020. Their first matchup on March 7 was a 4-0 win for Sporting KC as Pulido, Kinda, Shelton and Roger Espinoza beat Maric with goals. Look for Sporting KC to punctuate their position in the standings with a road win on Saturday.

    Head to our favorite pay per head bookie site at _____ and take Sporting KC to win.

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