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    If you’re in the betting business, you know how important it is to provide good and safe payment method options to your players, as well as it is important for you, as a bookie, to be able to pay for service and many other things. Having peace and knowing that your money and transactions are safe, that there will be no issues, is just priceless.

    This is why, precisely, things have been changing and evolving quite a bit in the past few years, payment methods have come and gone, but there is one that is here to stay, and it’s Bitcoin, or in general, crypto-currencies. Why? Well it’s no secret that this method is safe and secure, that it doesn’t involve banks at all, that it’s simple, immediate and you can use it right on your phone, so, if that’s not good enough for you then maybe nothing will!

    Bookies and players are using Bitcoin as their main payment method

    Safe and fast
    , those are the two main benefits of using Bitcoin as your payment choice. Crypto currencies are handled online entirely, leaving no trace at all in banks or any other entities. Transactions are completely encrypted; they are immediate and provide full anonymity.
    It is no surprise at all that bookies and players are switching to this and leaving other payment methods behind, considering the fact that we’re always looking for that exactly.
    Offering Bitcoin as an option, your sportsbook will have a great tool for acquisition and retention, it will give your players the chance to play and have fun without having to worry about credit card expenses or information, it will get rid of waiting times, it will make your sportsbook more efficient and trustable, as this is what we’re all heading for.
    At we realize how important this topic is for both agents and gamblers, and that’sm why we’re always on top of things, trying to find and offer different payment solutions that will make the overall sports betting experience better, faster and more enjoyable for all parts.

    Are other payment methods still available?

    Of course, Bitcoin is just an option, but good Price per Head providers must be ready to offer different options as well, which include bank transfers, credit card transactions, other e-wallets, pay cards and more. Every payment method has pros and cons depending on where you live, on what your waiting time period is, and so on. They all work, and that’s why we offer them, but just keep in mind that the details might change.

    This is a remarkably interesting topic, with different options and opinions. Contact right now and we’ll be happy to answer your questions regarding different payment choices. We’ll make sure you know what you need to know before you make decisions. It’s all part of this great business that is sports betting, and we’re right here to help you make the best calls, so that your operation can thrive and evolve into a real world-class sportsbook.

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    The best thing about the top 5 pay per head (PPH) services is the affordability.

    Today, we’re going to look at the cost of PPH services. The costs can vary widely between services and a lot of PPH shops use upsells to quickly increase the price you’re paying.

    Average Cost of a Pay Per Head

    Let’s look at the average cost of a pay per head service first.

    On average, you can expect to pay $10/head (weekly fee per active bettor) initially. This is what you should be paying for a complete package, though. Make sure you read the fine print.

    Look out for whether or not a racebook and casino are included in the cost.

    There are several services that charge considerably less than $10/head. The major problem with the cheap services are they don’t have the infrastructure to properly support bookies.

    Some PPH services will lure you in by charging $5-$10/head, but then you’ll find out after signing up that many of the features have additional fees. Want a casino? Pay more. Want live betting? Pay more. Want futures/props? Pay more. Always make sure you know what’s included.

    Things to watch for when choosing the right price per head service:

    ● Features Included: We recommend contacting PPH services directly to discuss
    exactly what is included in the cost of the PPH service and what features require
    additional fees.
    ● Response Time: How responsive is the PPH service when researching them? Reach
    out and see how long it takes for them to reply. Bookies rely heavily on their PPH
    providers and you need to trust that the service can help you through any future
    problems when they arise.
    ● Betting Board: What sports leagues and bet types are being offered? Ideally, you
    want the biggest possible betting board with thousands of markets for your players to
    wager on.
    ● Bookie Tools: What additional tools is the PPH service offering? The best PPH
    bookie software providers all have developed tools to help bookies run their business
    successfully and grow.
    ● Commissions (Revenue Share): You should never pay commissions as a bookie to
    your pay per head. If there’s a commission structure in place, you should avoid that
    ● Contracts: The best PPH sites don’t require bookies to sign contracts. In fact, they
    hardly require any personal information and you can pay through Bitcoin (BTC). We
    recommend never signing a contract, as they typically lock you into poor terms.

    Volume Discounts

    While new bookies can expect to pay $10/head to start - PPH services like Realbookies offer
    volume discounts.
    The more active players you have, the lower fee you’ll pay. If you can grow to 1000+ players
    then you can start seeing prices as low as $7/head, which is extremely cheap for a reputable
    You can typically request a discount once your betting sheet grows to 25+ active players.

    Running an online sportsbook using a pay per head service doesn’t need to be expensive. There are multiple reputable services that charge $10/head for everything you’ll need to run your business.

    Learn more about Pay Per Head:

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    Now More Than Ever, Bookies Need Professional Pay Per Head Services
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