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    When youíre in the sports betting business, itís important ...
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    Interest in sports betting is at an all-time high and itís spurning a lot of activities around the industry. Sports leagues and states are jumping on board, giving willing bettors in many locations new options for placing wagers on sports.

    While over 20 states have approved sport betting are either offering it now or plan to in the near future, many others are not nearly as far along in the process. That leaves a large number of sports fans that have a desire to place wagers without the same options as residents of those states.

    For decades, sports betting agents have circulated on the outskirts of the mainstream sports world. Their activities were considered highly detrimental and a threat to the competitive balance of college and professional sports.

    In the last few years, however, that has all changed, with even the NFL embracing sports gambling as a way to increase interest and revenues in the sport. NBC Sports has even launched a channel on their streaming service Peacock that promotes live betting during golf broadcasts. It is a partnership with sportsbook PointsBet.
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    As recently as five years ago that would have been unthinkable. Even though sports betting has been fueling interest in sports for decades, it took the Supreme Courtís 2018 ruling invalidating Nevadaís monopoly to put it in a more favorable light.

    In order to compete with the state regulated and casino operated sites, local bookies need to be able to offer similar wagering experiences to their clients. With easy internet access and the popularity of online sportsbooks, customers may not be as willing to place wagers in the traditional manner.

    Dark sports bars, poker games and 19th holes after a round of golf may be a great way to drum up business, the actual wagering process needs to be different. People have become accustomed to turning to the internet to conduct almost any transaction, especially those of the financial type.

    A great resource for independent sports betting agents is a PayPerHead (PPH) service. A PPH service provides online access to odds and lines as well as wagering 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The user interface for the sportsbook looks just like what players experience when using Caesars, BetMGM or any number of other online providers.

    A local bookie has access to the latest technology and state of the art software without having to invest in the development of their own solution. Lines and odds are available for all major sports and events with up to the minute adjustments.

    The NFL, NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball, soccer, college sports, MMA/UFC, motor sports, golf, tennis and others are all included on the site. There is also the option for live, in-game wagering as well as horse racing and casino games to be offered, depending on the bookieís appetite for assuming risk.

    All of the popular wagering types are covered, including futures, spreads, over/under, money lines, parlays and propositions. The PPH service can provide the lines or the bookie can change and adjust them as they deem necessary. This can be done on an individual client basis or for the entire customer base.

    Lines are just one of the configurable account settings that a bookie has access to with a PayPerHead service. They can limit a clientís ability to wager on certain sports or make particular types of bets. Wagering amounts can also be managed to make sure collection doesnít become a problem.

    By not having to take the wagers themselves, bookies have more time to devote to activities such finding new customers. It also gives them the ability to review the data available from the service, such as wagering history and what sports provide more profit than others.

    Understanding where they are actually making their money can make it possible to target their promotion of certain events and bets. Having all of this information literally at their fingertips is a huge advantage over manual processes.

    A PPH service charges a fee for each customer that places a wager during the billing period, usually a week. It doesnít matter how many bets they place, so the bookie actually benefits from higher activity for an individual player. The fee is generally between $7 and $15, depending on the size of their operation.

    Not all PayPerHead services are the same, so it pays to shop around. A good place to start is Real Bookies at
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    This has been quite a weird year for the Washington Wizards, who will visit the Portland Trail Blazers on Saturday, February 20th.

    They traded John Wall, who had been rehabbing aggressively and working himself to the bone, to Houston for Russell Westbrook just a few weeks before the year began. And perhaps, they have come to regret that choice.
    Westbrook has been having a nice season stat-wise, but the fact of the matter is that the team has four wins with him in the lineup and four without him in the lineup. When he is out, the ball moves more and sticks less. Westbrook has been an impactful player, without a doubt, but it does seem that he has not been a winning guy for a team that needed one badly.


    Meanwhile, Portland has been playing well without Jusuf Nurkic and CJ McCollum. Rodney Hood has missed some action too, but other guys have stepped up.
    The player that has done the most besides Damian Lillard has been Gary Trent Jr. He shot the lights out during the bubble, and it has carried over upon the return to normal arenas.
    Itís great to see. His dad spent nine years in the league as a center. He didnít have the impact that his son does.

    Sports Betting 101: How to Bet the NBA

    Wizards Looking For Win
    The recent improvements of the Wizards have got to be encouraging for a team that is just looking for some positives. The injury to power forward Thomas Bryant was a real bummer, given that he was playing incredible basketball this season, building off a strong 2019-20 year and bubble effort.
    That is a position of weakness for the team, though Mo Wagner has stepped into the starting role nicely of late.
    Bradley Beal has been a scoring machine, as the media continues to find scenarios to have him traded. All the while, Beal is adamant about not going anywhere and staying with the team that drafted him No. 3 back in 2013.
    Heís under contract right now, and itís truly refreshing to see a young star that is committed to his team, not forcing their hand.
    A win here would be great for the Wizards in a battle of star guards.
    Portland Looking for a Saturday Pick-Me-Up
    Itís hard to grade Portlandís season, as it really hasnít been at full strength. But the Trail Blazers have plenty of talent, and when everybody gets healthy, they will not be a team you want to face. They are currently at +5000 to win the NBA Championship at Americaís Bookie.
    As good as Lillard has been, heís done this without his sidekick, McCollum. When they are together, they are one of the toughest duos in the league.
    Two years ago, Portland was in the conference finals. The Blazers brought back Enes Kanter, who played a key role in their journey there.
    They kept Rodney Hood around. And some of the younger guys are now better than they were at that point. Anything can happen when the playoffs get going.
    Letís see if they can get the W over the Wizards.

    Portland Gets It Done

    The Trail Blazers will be earning the win at Moda Center, knocking off the Wizards with a 40-point effort from Lillard.

    See how we did on our Super Bowl LV free pick.
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