Hi everyone,

I ran a calcutta auction amongst friends for the NCAA tournament and Euro 2016 this year and both ended up being a lot of fun. I feel like Nascar is set up perfectly for a weekly calcutta. Since the majority of my friends do not like Nascar, I thought I would reach out here see if anyone is interested.

For those not familiar with a Calcutta Auction, it is an auction held for a particular event where each participant is purchased by the people involved. For Nascar, each driver would be up for auction and there are payouts based on how your driver or drivers finish. I was thinking about packaging together some of the lesser quality drivers to make them a little more attractive to bid on. Also, there would be a payout for whoever comes in last.

Here is what I was thinking about payouts:

1st - 40% of pot
2nd - 25%
3rd - 15%
4th - 10%
5th - 7%
Last - 3%

If interested post here with your email or shoot me an email at mfuchs107@gmail.com. If there is enough interest I will work on putting something together.